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Amazon Bought MGM, but What About the Lion?


Batman and Robin auction scene but about Amazon

MGM has been acquired by Amazon Prime, and while that’s terrifying that Jeff Bezos continues to have too much money, it is, for the most part, boring entertainment industry news. But, here is some context: For a whopping 8.45 billion dollars, Bezos now can listen to “Eye of the Tiger” in Rocky whenever he wants. That price tag comes in much higher than any other contender thought it was worth.

So Amazon literally said “here’s more money so we can buy you,” and Apple and Comcast just said “lol okay.” (Truly hilarious, and I imagine it as one of those bidding situations where someone throws down thousands of dollars more than anyone else and then goes, “Oh god, what did I do?” after professing their love to someone. Bezos really loves the lion.)

But it’s all industry garble and a conversation about how studios are now being bought by other corporations and exacerbating monopolies, and it is a lot to unpack, not much of it fun. Instead, let’s talk about how everyone took to Twitter to share jokes and memes about the properties that Bezos now technically owns, and honestly, that’s funny.

My question is: Will Amazon keep the lion going “rawr” in the beginning of MGM movies? Because if you cut him out of this, we’re going to have a problem. He has done nothing wrong in his entire life.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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