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Amazon Launches Outlet for Online Art Shopping, Guess What They Called It!

We don't know much about Amazon Art, but we know what we like.

Fine Arts

Want to build an art collection but hate stuff like galleries, artists themselves, and leaving the house? No problem. Amazon just partnered with dozens of art vendors and galleries to let users shop for more than 40,000 pieces of fine art. What did they call it? “Amazon Art.” That’s soooooo postmodern.

Amazon Art has teamed up with more than 150 galleries and art dealers in the U.S. and features work from over 4,500 artists. It’s now the largest online outlet for purchasing art from artists and dealers. For Amazon’s trouble in making these pieces accessible, they’re reportedly taking between five and twenty percent of the sales.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the new venture had some trouble convincing galleries to get on board. If this initial launch does well, maybe any holdouts will change their mind and sign up.

The Amazon Art store is in beta, but you can still head over right now and start shopping. As you might expect from a fine art site, the prices are pretty high. If you’re looking for some not-fine art, there’s always Etsy.

(Amazon Art via The Verge, image via Thomas Hawk)

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