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Amanda Remembers That The Oscars Happened


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Editor’s Note: Every now and then, we here at The Mary Sue ask contributing writer Amanda LaPergola to review or recap something relevant to our interests. Occasionally, she obliges. Earlier this month, we requested a post summing up all of the highs and lows of the 2014 Oscar ceremony. We asked her specifically to provide thoughtful insight and a no-holds-barred critique on Hollywood culture. She responded reassuringly with “Hey, this is ‘LaPergatory’ and I am busy doing something awesome right now.  Leave a message, and if I remember to recharge my phone, I will get back to you! BEEEEEEP! (beep)

We’ve tried to tell her she doesn’t have to do the “beep” herself, but…

So we never heard back from Amanda, and as Oscar fever died down in the week-and-a-half that followed we assumed that we never would. That was until yesterday, when a mysterious package arrived at Mary Sue headquarters with what appeared to be a note from Amanda’s mom (“Dear Miss Sue: Please excuse my daughter’s tardiness.  She has been very busy trying to work up the courage to see Twelve Years A Slave.“) and the following pages.

Amanda LaPergola is a New York-based actor and writer.  She is currently working on a film adaptation of a graphic novel of an idea that is somebody else’s.  Interested investors can tweet @LaPergs.

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