Alleged Portal 2 Walkthrough Videos Surface a Week Before Official Release Date [Video]

Though there is an increasing amount of speculation that Portal 2 will release earlier than its April 19 release date, it turns out people might have gotten their hands on a copy early enough before that date to release some walkthrough videos into the wilds of the Internet. Now, I was terrified to watch the videos, as I shall not have Portal 2 spoiled for me in any way, but journalism prevailed, and I toughed it out and reached a compromise: I watched the videos, but skipped around in order to put the events out of context.

We can’t say for sure if these walkthroughs are of the actual game, but a slight bit of research, coupled with how the videos actually look, seem to suggest that these videos are legit. The platform on which the game is being played is the Xbox 360. I checked out the seedy underbelly of the Internet in the name of journalism, and found that the only early-release downloads of the game that are currently available are indeed for the Xbox 360. The comments sections on most of these downloads don’t have too many people questioning whether or not the download is the real deal, but on the flip side, no one is really saying the download works, either.

The walkthroughs are provided by gaming review outlet Media Cows, whose description reads “We are a game review site. Our goal is to continuously bring you the earliest walkthroughs and reviews,” which does lend credence to legitimacy of the walkthroughs and leaked release. What doesn’t lend credence to the leaked release, however, is that Valve hasn’t blasted Media Cows into oblivion yet, though his may be forthcoming. Either way, if you aren’t terrified of possible Portal 2 spoilers, check out the videos after the break and judge for yourself. As always, we will update as more information becomes available.

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