Wheeler from "Paw Patrol"

All ‘PAW Patrol’ Dogs Confirmed

From Marshall to Rocky and the rest of the rescue pups from Adventure Bay, PAW Patrol has taken the world by storm. Beyond the core group of pups, there’s a host of other friends that make it on PAW Patrol and its spinoffs. We’ve gathered the intel on all of them.

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If you don’t already know, PAW Patrol is cute animated children’s series that’s already in more than 35 languages because of its popularity and accessibility for toddlers. Repetitive phrases help children familiarize themselves with language, and the simplicity of the show’s formula helps kids know what to expect so it’s also low stress despite being a show about rescue missions. And of course, to top off all of that, the show is centered on dogs. Very, very cute dogs. We dug up the bones on all of these pups, and here they are!


Skye from PAW Patrol

Skye is the core girlie pup on the PAW Patrol. She flies a helicopter and remains the number one expert on all things aerial rescue and all things girly. Skye is a cockapoo who loves pink, saves her bumbling boy colleagues from trouble, and always manages to look cute in the process. She’s adorable.


Rocky on Nickelodeon's "PAW Patrol"

Rocky is a sweet eco-pup with a heart for recycling and caring for the planet. He loves animals, hates water, and is always ready to reuse materials around him to help with the rescue mission. His cul-de-sac mix nature is recycle themed in its own way, which just makes him cuter. That and the way this kid knows how to use some scotch tape to save the day.


Rubble from "Paw Patrol"

Rubble is the number one construction pup on the PAW Patrol crew. Their human leader Ryder calls on Rubble for any engineering needs the crew may have, from moving rocks to lifting trees. Rubble loves a mess, like most construction sites, and enjoys making music mixes for the PAW Patrol’s parties, where he makes appearances as “DJ Rubble”. His helpful and cheerful nature are endearing.


Marshall from "Paw Patrol"

Ah, Marshall. This kid is kind of a mess, and it’s weird that they chose the firefighter pup for that character trait. Despite the clumsy disasters Marshall is always causing when the pups are working or playing, he still manages to be a huge fan favorite. When he’s not tripping over a frisbee to make it to the PAW Patrol Tower, he is busy helping Chase on almost every mission. Marshall gets chosen often for his ladder-and-cable skillset, and his mistakes are met with laughter and jokes in the show.


Zuma from "Paw Patrol"

Zuma is one happy water pup. Unlike Rocky, he’s not afraid of water at all. He thrives in it as the PAW Patrol’s aquatic rescue expert. He’s a Labrador and he has all the qualities of that fun-loving and favorite breed. When Chase, Marshall, and the others are behaving in a solemn way, Zuma will lighten the mood with a splash or a laugh. His ability to make friends with ocean animals is adorable. Zuma isn’t on most rescue missions, but the ones he is a part of are bound to be fun to watch.


Chase from "Paw Patrol"

The last of the original core six PAW Patrol members, but certainly not the least, Chase is the most serious pup of all. He takes his job very seriously and is involved in nearly every mission. Often Chase can be found trying to wrangle and lead the other PAW Patrol pups much to his frustration. This German Shepherd puppy tends to be a rule follower like most cops. Chase makes cops appear useful, which is the best fiction in the entire show.


Tracker from "Paw Patrol"

As the PAW Patrol series began to grow over time, so did the group of rescue mission pups. Tracker is the eighth member of the PAW Patrol, a chihuahua pup with a penchant for (you guessed it) tracking. He’s great with wildlife and speaks both English and Spanish. Despite his size, Tracker is a very brave boy.


Everest from "Paw Patrol"

Everest joined the PAW Patrol as the second girl and seventh member. Her expertise is all about snow, whether it’s getting someone out of a snowbank or clearing the road. Everest is a husky pup with purple highlights, which makes her possibly even cuter than Skye with her teal jacket accent and blue tag. For some reason she loves liver and liver-flavored food. Is that a husky thing?


Al from "Paw Patrol"

Al is the tenth member of the PAW Patrol and adds trucking expertise to the gang of puppies protecting Adventure Bay. He’s a Bassett hound who speaks both English and “trucker” and looks after the trucker headquarters introduced in season nine of the PAW Patrol series. He’s taught the crew a lot about how to maneuver trucks during a rescue.


Sweetie from "Paw Patrol"

Sweetie is a royal pup with all the flair, court drama, and determination to take over the throne of Barkingburg. She’s spoiled rotten and often finds herself locked in her doghouse when she’s causing havoc for her people: the Earl, the Princess, and the butler. This West Highland Terrier pup is demanding and often selfish, which is generally what makes her the center of drama. None of this kept her from becoming an honorary member of the PAW Patrol in the PAW Patrol movie special, Jet to the Rescue, so she does have some redeeming qualities. You might have to tell me what they are, though.


Liberty from "Paw Patrol"

Liberty is an adorable dachshund who first appeared in PAW Patrol: The Movie to help our original PAW Patrol pups perform a rescue in Adventure City. Liberty grew up in the city admiring Marshall, Chase, Skye and the rest so it was easy for her to help save the day when the time came. Though she’s an official PAW Patrol member, Liberty focuses on protecting Adventure City and leaves our original squad to take care of Adventure Bay.


Rex from "Paw Patrol"

Talking puppies rescuing human beings is one thing, but dinosaurs in need of rescue?! Yes, indeed, if you’ve watched PAW Patrol with your little one then you know about Dino Rescue episodes that include Rex. Rex is a sweet Burnese Mountain pup who has the ability to speak to dinosaurs and wheels around on his dino cart that supports his back legs. With a soft heart for baby dinosaurs and a kind word for everyone, Rex is sure to steal your heart if you spy him in an episode of PAW Patrol.


Roxi from "Paw Patrol"

The PAW Patrol gang first met Roxi when she came to Adventure Bay for a monster truck competition. She loves puns, has high energy, and is always ready to risk it for the biscuit. She’s a spunky, funny Samoyed breed pup with a cool pink streak in her hair. And her star-and-crossbones tag just looks cool.

Auntie Crane

Auntie Crane from "Paw Patrol"

Among the many talented pups that show up on PAW Patrol is Auntie Crane, a skateboarding construction site manager who is also Motor’s mom and Grandpa Gravel’s daughter. She helps keep all the construction pups in line and can be found on a skateboard or playing with Motor when she’s not working. Fun fact: Auntie Crane is Rubble’s aunt, which makes Motor his cousin.

Ella and Tuck

Ella and Tuck from "Paw Patrol"

Though our PAW Patrol squad are already heroes of their own, they of course have superheroes that they look up to in the Adventure Bay universe. Ella and Tuck are The Mighty Twins, two golden retriever pups with matching uniforms. What’s a superhero with a superpower? Ella has the ability to grow big at any point, and Tuck can make himself tiny for any reason. With these combined growth and shrink powers the Mighty Twins appear whenever the PAW Patrol needs an extra paw.


Wheeler from "Paw Patrol"

In January 2023 the PAW Patrol universe introduced a new spinoff series called Rubble & Crew which focuses on Rubble’s family construction crew and their effort to revitalize their town Builder Cove. He is Rubble’s cousin and the central character in Rubble & Crew. As such, he’s a construction and building expert who loves a clean site. He’s an adorable pointer pup with an eager-to-please personality.

Nano, Tot, and Mini

Nano, Mini, and Tot from "Paw Patrol"

In the second PAW Patrol movie, the Junior Patrollers are formed and tiny Pomeranian babies Nano, Tot, and Mini start their training to become patrollers in the future. Mentored by Adventure City rescuer Liberty and all too eager to be future patrollers, these three youthful pups often accidentally cause havoc out of sheer excitement. And all three of these fluff balls fit in Liberty’s sidecar together, which is the cutest thing ever.


Boomer from "Paw Patrol"

Boomer arrives in Adventure Bay for the monster truck competition alongside Roxi. The two of them are big competitors, but other than that we don’t know much about Boomer yet. He’s a bullmastiff puppy with a ferret companion, and he hates to lose. He does have work to do if he wants to beat Roxi in the monster truck competitions, though.


Hubcap from "Paw Patrol"

From the construction crew to pups from Adventure City to the Moto Pups, there are all kinds of doggy gangs in the PAW Patrol series. Hubcap and the Moto Pups are different from your average PAW Patrol crew though, because they’re bike-stealing meanies with a troublemaker problem. The Ruff-Ruff Pack loves to race their motorcycles, cause trouble, and steal whatever they want. Hubcap is no different as their leader.


Gasket from "Paw Patrol"

Gasket is a member of the Ruff-Ruff Pack and loves to race on her motorcycle. When she’s not working on being the fastest dog around, she’s busy being sarcastic with Hubcap. Gasket is a husky pup so it’s easy to see why she talks back to the leader of the pack, since huskies do love an opinion.


Mix is another one of Rubble’s cousins on the family construction crew and is also yet another very cute bulldog. Her specialty is mixing construction materials, so she is always interested in how concrete, glue, and asphalt come together during a project. We’re guessing that’s how she got her name.


Moby is the Ariel of the PAW Patrol universe: he’s a mer-pup who wishes for four legs on solid land. Mer-pups love to sing and celebrate, but Moby is grouchy and doesn’t participate since he is busy wishing he could be on land. When the opportunity comes for him to help the PAW Patrol, he seizes the day and uses his technological expertise to help save Adventure Bay. Will he ever get his legs? Guess you’ll have to watch PAW Patrol with your kiddo to find out.

Grandpa Gravel

Grandpa Gravel from "Paw Patrol"

Grandpa Gravel is the patriarch of Rubble’s family and Rubble’s grandpa. He’s the grandfather of all the cousins on the construction crew and does his best to lead them with Auntie Crane’s help. Frankly I’m surprised he’s still working in construction at his age, since bulldogs usually like to lay around and make adorable growl-snores in their old age. Shouldn’t you retire by now, Grandpa Gravel?

Skye’s Siblings

Skye's siblings from "Paw Patrol"

Before Ryder brought Skye home to be part of the PAW Patrol, she lived on a farm with five puppy siblings. While we know these babies are cockapoo pups, we don’t have names for them. We do get to see them in a few flashbacks when Skye remembers her childhood.


Coral from "Paw Patrol"

Coral is another mer-pup but she has a neat ability to get her legs back whenever she wants. Coral appears alongside Moby in her debut rescue mission to save Puplantis. Coral also happens to be Skye’s long-lost cousin. She is considered an honorary member of the PAW Patrol.


Claw from "Paw Patrol"

Claw is one of Barkingburg’s antagonists in Barkingburg episodes with Sweetie and the PAW Patrol. He used to be a knight of Barkingburg but is no longer. That doesn’t stop him from trying to regain his knighthood and calling himself Knight Claw, though. Thankfully we still have the PAW Patrol to take care of this rude villain!


Robodog from "Paw Patrol"

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Robo-Dog, the driver, pilot, and engineer who guides almost every PAW Patrol vehicle. He was created by Rocky and Ryder and is an integral part of the PAW Patrol crew.


Motor is Auntie Crane’s daughter and one of the core pups in the construction crew on Rubble & Crew. She’s one of Rubble’s rambunctious bulldog cousins and loves demolition. It’s her job to bring in the wrecking ball and get rid of any old materials during demo.


Dwayne the Great Dane is the third pup in the Ruff-Ruff Gang. Though he’s part of the gang and mostly does what Hubcap tells him to, he’s not a big fan of too much violence or stress. If anything is too “ruff” for him, Dwayne tries to get out of it. He’s a pretty serious pup, which is a good addition to the Ruff-Ruff Gang for Gasket and Hubcap.


Rubble-Double from "Paw Patrol"

Even though Rubble-Double is classified as a “dog-like alien” we’re including him on this list because he is doggy enough. We don’t know much about him other than the fact that he’s a Rubble clone from another planet that looks and acts just like Rubble, except for his antennae. It’s never quite explained at length where Rubble-Double comes from, but he is charming.


Charger from "Paw Patrol"

Charger is an eager pup and another member of the construction Crew in the spinoff Rubble & Crew. He’s known for getting the zoomies often and always being enthusiastic about helping with any project. Charger is one of the most popular dog breeds: a French bulldog.

Captain Blackfur

Captain Blackfur from "Paw Patrol"

This mysterious pup only appears in images and portraits in PAW Patrol. Captain Blackfur supposedly left treasure in Adventure Bay and is known by some of the pups in Puplantis. Perhaps one day the PAW Patrol will find Captain Blackfur’s treasure.

Apollo the Super-Pup

Apollo from "Paw Patrol"

Apollo the Super-Pup is like the Superman of Adventure Bay and the PAW Patrol universe. He can fly, he has his own TV show and comics, and is Rubble’s favorite icon. Apollo the Super-Pup is your standard good-boy superhero, who fights against evil and stands for good. He doesn’t have a pup tag because he works alone.


Arrby from "Paw Patrol"

Arrby is a good bad pup. That is, he works for his pirate human Syd to plunder and steal like any pirate does. But he has a heart of gold when it comes to Syd and will do anything for his human. This little dachshund helps the PAW Patrol pups save Puplantis more than once in the series.


Barney is a side character who lives in Adventure City and appears in PAW Patrol: The Movie. This Old English sheepdog is warm and friendly if a bit of a dunce. He ended up at the city pound, deceptively named “Fuzzy Buddies Obedience School”, along with the original pups.


Rocket was originally part of the crew that was at the “Fuzzy Buddies Obedience School”. He’s a minor side character who went missing and has dedicated MISSING posters.


Delores is one of the dogs that was in the pound in PAW Patrol: The Movie. She’s a sassy social media dog who cares about her looks and her influence. Delores also has dreams of being the PAW Patrol’s social media manager.


Harris is a sweet lab pup who was also in the pound called “Fuzzy Buddies Obedience School”. He spends time with Chase and gives Chase room to share his own story. He also helps Chase rescue the pups stuck in the pound in PAW Patrol: The Movie.


Last but not least, Sylvia is a sweet, non-verbal German Shepherd pup who raced against Chase in the Adventure Bay Sheep Herding Competition. She only appeared in one episode and she did lose the competition. Sylvia probably won’t appear again, so this was her only cameo.

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