Alan Moore to Alien Life: Get In Touch, But Don’t Bother After 2150

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Speaking of Alan Moore and alien baptisms, did you know that BBC Radio 6 does a weekly broadcast for aliens?

I mean, we all know that we’re constantly screaming all of our radio communication in all directions into space like someone talking loudly on their cellphone on a public bus, but BBC Radio 6 has a slew of different artists and personalities give them a short message and a song once weekly to be beamed into space by a radio telescope in the south of England, in the direction of relatively-likely spots of intelligent life.

They call it the Wow! Signal, after this weird thing. This week was Alan Moore.

After a brief interview, Moore’s message was revealed as follows:

Yeah, Hello? Uh, if you’re there pick up. Okay, listen it’s Alan calling, Alan from Earth. You probably don’t remember, it’s over in the western spiral of the Milky Way, although obviously you might have named it after a completely different brand of chocolate. Basically, just find the Oort Cloud and ask for directions from there. Anyway, just calling to catch up. We’re doing alright with the carbon based lifeform thing. Kids are diversifying nicely, going through a bit of a fad for spines and brains at the minute but it’s probably the same where you are. Well, that’s about it really, we just hadn’t heard from you in a while, like when we killed Michael Rennie or Klaatu, as you knew him in The Day The Earth Stood Still. So if you received this, get in touch, but actually thinking about it, don’t bother calling after about, what, 2150, because I’m not expecting anyone to be in. Oh and I’m sending this song along. It’s called God Song by Robert Wyatt. I hope you like it. And that you don’t communicate through perfume or minor variatrions in your sense of balance or something. Okay, you take care and I’ll talk to you soon. Love you, Bye.

For a little while you can stream the show from the BBC here.  The interview with Moore begins at 1:40:00 or so, and the Wow! Signal itself starts at about 1:48:00.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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