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The Americanized Akira Remake Might Star Keanu Reeves

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In more “Are They Really Going Through With This?” news, Keanu Reeves is currently in talks to play gang-leader Kaneda in the live-action Americanized version of the landmark anime Akira, set to be directed by Albert Hughes. Nothing is official yet, but apparently, talks are “going well” with Reeves’ representation and Warner Bros., who is behind the remake.

Warner Bros. has had a hard time finding its lead for the Akira remake, probably because a lot of people have expressed displeasure about casting white leads in a movie that was about Japanese characters. But hey! The new movie doesn’t even take place in Japan — it’s being moved from Neo-Tokyo to New Manhattan. So they “fixed” that. Actors who have been considered have included Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Franco, Robert Pattinson, and Michael Fassbender (and, weirdly enough, Justin Timberlake), who might still have a shot at the role of Tetsuo, Kaneda’s best friend. And we’re assuming that all these names will be changed, too. Maybe even Akira’s.

Oh, Hollywood. :-(

(The Hollywood Reporter via Topless Robot)

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