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AI Chatbots Have Entered the Dating App Scene

Sure, I'll chat with a robot. Probably better than a lot of the guys I've chatted with.

A cute 80s movie robot peeks out from behind a wall.

As a single lady, I can attest online dating is the pits. One guy recently unmatched me because I had a cold and didn’t respond to him within 24 hours. To be honest, I was laid out on the couch, miserable, and making small talk with a guy whose most interesting tidbit he gave me to work with was that he was “looking forward to the weekend” was not exactly top of mind, OK? The apps have made us all commodities, not people, and my own working theory is that it’s made meeting people outside of the app environment even harder so why bother? You can just go to your online meat marketplace and be guaranteed people who are at least interested in dating and even specifically interested in dating you.

So with that in mind, I actually find I don’t completely hate the news that AI has now entered into the dating conversation:

App dating just sucks in general, so if you can build a better mouse trap to get you through the initial soul-sucking swiping and pleasantries phase, more power to you. Genuinely, you have to give someone more to work with than “looking forward to the weekend?” because where do you go from there?

If you’re interested, the service is accepting beta users.

Good news for men seeking women, bad news for basically anyone else, because it appears that’s all they’re accepting right now. (This does not help alleviate the innate offputtingness of this service TBH, even for someone who finds it intriguing.)

Only match with your type of girls
Our powerful AI is trained on your past swiping behavior so that we only match with girls that are just your type.


Automatic followups
Girl doesn’t respond within a few days? No problem, we follow up at the perfect time with the perfect line. 60% of our followups result in an answer back.


Who we are
We’re a team of ex-Tinder engineers, we weren’t allowed to build a tool that helps men get results when we were at Tinder because they profit from continuous engagement that goes nowhere, so we decided to leave and build one ourselves.

Would I do this service? Absolutely. They’re charging $15 per month for the first round of Beta users, $30 per month for the next. I’ve spent my money on much dumber things. I’ve also spent hours mindlessly scrolling through men on multiple apps, having perfunctory conversations, only to unmatch once they start spouting their crazy. It’s a total waste of time.

I have a feeling the AI for women seeking men is simply not there yet, and it will take a bit longer to weed out the misogynists, Jan 6-ers, and creepers who should be on a government watch list and not on a dating app. (Or maybe that’s just not what the creators of this sort of service are prioritizing!) That said, once the tech is there, sign me up!

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