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Five Secrets We Uncovered at the Agent Carter Panel at The Television Critics Association Press Tour

It's TCAmazing!


With the way Marvel keeps secrets these days, it feels like you might have to be a super spy to get any new info on any of their new shows. But we were on hand for a special, one-time panel for Agent Carter at the 2015 Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif. on Wednesday and were actually able to stealthily collect a few tidbits from the cast to keep you going while you wait for next Tuesday’s episode. When you find the time to take a break from crime-fighting and gender role-smashing, read the full recap of our findings below. (spoiler warning for future episodes!)

Finding 1: Howard Stark is coming back (and soon!)

After appearing in the two-part premiere and then disappearing for this week’s episode, Dominic Cooper’s Stark is set to return for Tuesday’s episode. This was thoroughly evidenced by the short preview clip they showed before the TCA panel. Although the scene didn’t provide too many spoilers, it did reveal that Peggy and Howard are not going to be on the best terms for a little bit, what with battle scar-rocking Stark offering a “sorry” to Peg and a teary-eyed Peggy lamenting the fact that she “trusted” him.

Did Peggy punch him? That’s to be seen, but Stark looks wounded both emotionally and physically.

Finding 2: Angie and Peggy won’t be teaming up (that way, anyway)

Don’t let Lyndsy Fonseca’s past experience playing a spy on Nikita make you think that she’ll be doing it again with her Agent Carter character Angie. She firmly shut down suggestions that Angie will be kicking butt.

“Angie gets into actions of sorts, but very different from my physicality on Nikita,” Fonseca explained from the TCA stage on Wednesday. “I’ve played a super-spy and now I can watch Hayley [Atwell] kick butt and be the wisecracking friend.”

She continued, speaking with The Mary Sue after the panel: “I think if she’s friends with Peggy Carter, she will be involved in action. But I really do want to stress that  even though I’ve done fighting and my own stunts for Nikita, that’s not Angie’s body. She does not know how to take down a bad guy. It’s just not who she is. This is a girl who grew up in New York who’s trying to make it as an actress.”


Finding 3: Jarvis knows (and accepts!) your wife theories

Since we learned that Jarvis not only has a wife, but had to do all sorts of incriminating things to get her out of Hungary during the war, fans have been speculating about her identity and whether or not we’ll actually meet her. This fact was brought up at the panel to the delight of Jarvis’ portrayer James D’Arcy, who is totally on board with there being some sort of sinister secret to his personal life.

“Maybe I’ve got Mother—my wife—hidden away in an attic,” D’Arcy joked during the panel, cheekily throwing back to that time he played Anthony Perkins (a.k.a. the actor who played Psycho killer Norman Bates) in Hitchcock. But do note that this came after he said he was he was happy not to be playing a “psychopath” again, so you might not want to read too much into it.

Finding 4: More SHIELD  crossovers could be coming!

If you’ve been watching Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, you’ll recall that Peggy has already made a crossover appearance.. The good news is we could be getting more of that from either side, as Agent Carter executive producer Jeph Loeb responded to a journalist’s question about the issue with a simple “#itsallconnected.”

Finding 5: Hayley Atwell is pretty much Peggy at all times

You might think it’s safe to assume that Atwell uses a stunt double Agent Carter, especially since multiple stuntmen have supposedly been injured on set already. But in truth, she does nearly all her stunt work and what’s more, she doesn’t have a scratch for it. “No [I haven’t]!” Atwell laughed when asked if she has any stunt scars, before adding, in a totally Peggy way, “Just the men!”

As Atwell told The Mary Sue following the panel, there was only one real stunt she had to step back from during filming and that was one where Peggy was set to jump from a ledge to a moving car. Otherwise, it was all her. She explained, “It was important thing, for me, to do my own stunts. Otherwise, I’d feel like I was cheating. I’d learn the routines a few days before, so by the time I got on set, I’d have an idea of the choreography and the kind of demands I’ve got on me.”

Peggy would be so proud.

Emily Gagne (@emilygagne) is one of the founding members of Cinefilles, a site for wannabe female film and TV critics, as well as an admitted heroine addict. She may not have super strength, or be able to make a stake on command, but she can slay you with her rhetorical devices, endless knowledge of Final Girls and passion for geek girl scoop.

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