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Brace Yourself: Hayley Atwell Wants an Agent Carter Musical Number!

She knows her worth ... on the dance floor.

Agent Carer

There are countless things that we all want from Agent Carter Season 2, including, of course, more diversity and more Peggy/Angie. But what does Peggy want from her big move to California? Well, if Hayley Atwell has her way, Peggy will want a musical number.


Speaking with The Mary Sue at the CTV Upfront in Toronto earlier this summer, Hayley revealed that her main dream for Peggy in Season 2 revolves around her trading her signature red hat for a top hat and, you know, all the jazz!

“I’d like to do a kind of bit of a sing and a dance!” she said. “I just have this vision of her on top of a dive bar with a piano, singing with a glass of whiskey in her hand. I just love that idea.”

Before you start brainstorming era-appropriate songs for this, note that Hayley made a point to say she didn’t think this vision would ever “happen.” But we can dream, especially since Hayley herself has been getting musical via some epic DubSmash action.

And if that dream doesn’t come true, at least we have Hayley’s secondary wish for Peggy in Season 2, which is a little more realistic, while still being in our interest.

“I’d just love to see more of her humor, her warm side,” she says. “I think that’s something the audience likes so I want to bring that out a little bit more.”

Hey, musical numbers can be humorous and warm, right?

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