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Uh, Julie Delpy and Linda Cardellini are in Age of Ultron?

Freaks, assemble!


We’re now less than one month out from Age of Ultron, but Marvel still has some surprises up its sleeve (two fabulous, talented surprises that are too good for this world, too pure): Freaks and Geeks‘ Linda Cardellini and the Before trilogy’s Julie Delpy.

Disney casually dropped the actress’ names in a press release earlier this week, and has since confirmed that the announcement wasn’t a misprint:


Although there’s some speculation that either actress could be making an appearance as Captain Marvel, a source close to production confirmed earlier this week that Carol won’t be making her debut in Ultron (besides, as much as I love both Cardellini and Delpy, neither one of them seems like a very probable choice for the role).

Care to speculate on what these new cast additions might mean/help me decide which Avengers are freaks and which are geeks? (Cap is a geek. Clearly.)

(via /Film)

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