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Google AdSense Ousted From Facebook

For people looking to get a slice of the Facebook pie by advertising on the popular social networking platform, Google’s AdSense has been a major workhorse. AdSense provided users the means to post their ads, with Google taking a cut off the top. However, Facebook recently changed its policies regarding advertising providers, and AdSense appears to no longer be among those cleared to operate on the entire Facebook.

There is no word as to why AdSense is not on the approved list, only that it will no longer be operating with Facebook. In the past, Google has often cited AdSense as a vital asset producing most of its revenue. It’s possible that Google found some aspect of Facebook’s new policy unacceptable, and opted not to be involved.

The change has started rumblings on Facebook’s forum, with many former AdSense users upset about the change. Many are concerned that the approved companies have bad track records, or are too young and small to handle the advertising needs of users. Facebook’s representatives are quick to point out that new providers can be added to the approved list at any time, opening the door to AdSense in the future. But for now, the message is clear: if you’ve been using AdSense for Facebook ads, it’s time to find someone else.


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