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Enter the Geekosystem 2.0: An Introduction

Geekosystem LogoWelcome, everyone, to the brand new Geekosystem. Well, brand new design, anyway. The editorial content you’ve come to know and love remains as irreverent as always. Since launching in January 2010, the site’s design and layout hasn’t undergone any major revisions. Odds and ends, sure, but never a complete and total overhaul like this one. Now that it’s happened, what exactly does it mean for you, the person on the other end of the series of tubes that is the Internet?

For starters, we’ve reorganized the way we deliver our goods. You may have noticed our new clearly defined categories — Entertainment, Tech, Science, Gaming, Space, and Weird. These six encompass the broad nature of Geekosystem’s mandate. After all, to quote original Managing Editor Robert Quigley, “[o]ur goal is nothing less than to unite all of the tribes of geekdom under one common banner.” These categories each have their own section on the homepage, making it a lot easier for people interested in, say, Gaming to find what they’re looking for without sacrificing the distilled version of the Internet that is our daily coverage.

We’ve also completely redesigned the way the site looks and acts. Gone is the clutter from the before time, the long long ago. The site doesn’t just look drastically different, it will also be a lot more consistent across all of your mobile devices. In short, the site will resize and reorganize to suit whatever way with which you’re engaging it. This is what we in the business call “pretty spiffy.” (You corporate folks can read our founder Dan Abrams’ thoughts on the redesign over at sister site Mediaite.)

It’s been an amazing ride so far, but we’re not done yet. We’ve got some stuff up our sleeves that we hope will blow you away. I can’t wait to show you what I mean. Stick around, click a few links, sit back, and relax.

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