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‘Abbott Elementary’ Is Once Again Providing the Weekly Serotonin We Need

Abbott Elementary aired in 2021 and brought us back the workplace mockumentary format that I know that I, personally, missed so much. Made more famous (recently) by shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, the style gives us unique looks into the characters we know and love and their commentary on what is happening around them with fun asides. Created by Quinta Brunson (who also stars in the show), Abbott Elementary became our bit of hope and joy in the darkness of the world.

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And now, it’s back for its second season after taking home two Emmy awards (one for Brunson for writing, and one for star Sheryl Lee Ralph for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series). It is no exaggeration to say that having Abbott Elementary back on our television screens each week is a boost to our serotonin that we definitely missed.

The season premiered earlier in September, and the two episodes that have aired are both so delightful that it is worth talking about some key moments as we wait until next week’s new episode!

Gritty love

The show is set in Philadelphia, and while I am but a girl born in Pittsburgh with a lifelong instilled hatred of the city of brotherly love, I can’t help but love the Flyers mascot Gritty. He’s a big orange something with a weird belly and eyes that float around on his large furry head, and I would give my life for him. Gregory wouldn’t, but I would.

The episode takes us back to school with Janine (Brunson) struggling to pay her rent since being recently single and trying to make the rest of her life feel normal. Because of an accident, she got Gritty to come to the first day of school but her life continues to descend into chaos at every turn and ends with Gritty showing up early and not being able to come back when the kids will be there.

Gregory doesn’t get Gritty and goes into a rant about how mascots that are actual things make sense, but not Gritty ,and also his relationship with Taylor starts to be rocky, so could this mean we get to see his relationship with Janine grow this season?

Computers, rats, and cleaning supplies oh my!

The second episode brought us a grant money episode of Shark Tank. All the teachers are trying to make Abbott the best school it can be, but that means fighting over what to do with their grant money, and Janine is determined to get a computer for the kids while Barbara wants to get cleaning supplies, and Ava decides that everyone can pitch what they want to do with the money to her as if she were one of the Sharks.

The reality is, it ends up being out of their hands when there’s a mice problem and that’s where the money goes to, but it is a cute look into how these teachers care for their students, each other, and work together to find solutions to their problems. Oh, also Gregory and Janine are both single at the same time BYE.

Abbott Elementary has become our weekly bit of joy, and I can’t wait to see what Quinta Brunson and co. do with a longer season!

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