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The Star Wars Show Launches Anti-Leia Political Ad in Honor of Claudia Gray’s Bloodline

Would a champion of small business murder a Hutt in cold blood?

As reported by The Nerdy Bird, The Star Wars Show has released a mock attack ad warning The Galactic Senate not to vote Leia for First Senator of the New Republic. The ad, which was paid for by “Centrists for a Strong Republic,” focuses on Leia’s dubious parentage, her murder of small-business entrepreneur Jabba the Hutt, and her relationship with known scoundrel Han Solo (what would Solo know about family values?). The ad also questions her dedication to alien equality, noting Leia failed to award Chewbacca with a medal following the Battle of Yavin.

Readers of Claudia Gray’s Leia novel Star Wars: Bloodline, which came out in early May, will recognize that the ad is a play on some of the controversies Leia has to deal with throughout the book, particularly when she considers campaigning for First Senator of the New Republic. Gray’s book does a great job of depicting what the Star Wars equivalent of a smear campaign looks like, but of course, ads like this one are the least dangerous of Leia’s Bloodline problems.

If you haven’t read Bloodline yet, I hope this ad will prompt you to pick it up! For me, Bloodline was the perfect mix of political intrigue and straight-up action. It features new characters I’ve already grown very attached to, as well as insight into where Han and Leia’s relationship stood six years before The Force Awakens. It’s a fun, smart read, and Leia kicks a lot of butt in itno matter what the Centrists for a Strong Republic might say.

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