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Mother Monster vs the Monster: Lady Gaga Fans Feud With Venom Fans

Don't come for Mother Monster. Even if your name is Venom.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in 'A Star is Born'

Is there anything more 2018 than Lady Gaga fans making bots to target Venom so people go see A Star is Born instead? In a ploy to help Mother Monster get more box office hits than Tom Hardy’s attempt to make Venom happen, fans of the pop star have been creating fake accounts to give Venom bad reviews. Does Venom really need this? Pretty sure the movie is getting those bad reviews all on its own.

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Buzzfeed pointed out that the feud started when whatever fans Venom has saw that the tweets were carbon copies of each other. But that doesn’t negate the fact that there are still film reviewers out there trashing the film.

So maybe don’t get your hopes up about Venom.

At least we know that Tom Hardy still shines no matter the material he has to work with.

If the tonal confusion wasn’t enough to turn you off of Venom, other reviewers are pointing out how it apparently ignores the strides that the MCU and other Marvel property films have made. Some are even commenting on the fact that it feels as if the comic book genre released this movie from 2004.

But those Lady Gaga bots are making some people nervous. They are also coming for the movie in a bid to make A Star is Born the more popular choice which. To which I wonder—are these movies really in competition?

Call us bots all you want but many of us are here obsessed with A Star is Born.

More importantly, Thursday night football is dead because Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have to fall in love.

So, from this bot who isn’t going to see Venom this weekend but will see A Star is Born multiple times, I feel this feud on a personal level. But there’s no reason we can’t have both things. A double billing of A Star is Born and Venom would make for a memorable weekend.

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