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A Love Letter to Lucifer‘s Maze and Eve in Season 5B

5B really fed us.
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Lucifer season 5b was relationship defining for Maze and Eve.

For a while now, Maze has been going through a journey grounded in vulnerability, a.k.a. something that she’s not used to at all. She’s discovered things about her past, faced harsh truths, and taken concrete steps into the future that she’s always dreamed about. What she didn’t expect she could have, and what we all saw coming, was a future with Eve.

Here was this beautiful, funny, and badass woman who intrigued Maze from the very start. And when Maze started to catch feelings, while helping Eve get back at Lucifer, things were rough there for a bit. Maze is not about being second place to anyone, and she wasn’t going to allow that when it came to her partners in life or love.

When Eve left, we weren’t sure what would happen next or where these two would go from there. Then, season 5b of Lucifer happened, and these two were brought back together because Eve finally understood where she was happiest: by Maze’s side. This truth shocked Maze from the very moment that those words fell from Eve’s lips.

On the flip side of things, because we need to explore Eve’s feelings, things started out differently for this woman. She was clinging to Lucifer because he was familiar and wanted to draw his eye in any way that she could. That’s where Maze came in. This badass and utterly stunning demon was an opportunity to set things right in Eve’s mind, and she wasn’t going to miss out on it.

What ended up happening, instead of getting Lucifer’s attention, is that she started to get to know Maze. She started seeing who this woman truly was, away from the prying eyes of the world. And before Eve knew it, she wasn’t worried about Lucifer anymore. He didn’t matter because what truly did was right in front of Eve, in the form of Maze.

That’s not to say that everything was hunky-dory between Eve and Maze. Eve needed to find herself, away from those she loved. And it’s not because she was selfish or wanted to break Maze’s heart. She did it because I don’t think she’s taken a moment to break down, analyze, or understand who she is as a woman who can stand on her own two feet.

Season 5b of Lucifer saw the two paths that these women were on finally converge. Maze was understandably angry, and it wasn’t because Eve was back. It was because she still cared deeply for Eve and she didn’t want to get hurt again. Eve, on the other hand, was sure of her intentions and who she wanted to be with after she spent time getting to know herself.

Things almost crumbled apart during the hospital scene where Maze gave Eve her mother’s ring. For Maze, she couldn’t fathom a life without Eve. That’s why she gave her the ring. But Eve, who’s seen what immortality can do to you, didn’t want to live forever. She just wanted to be with Maze for whatever time they might have left in this world.

Maze, who is scared of losing Eve, couldn’t take the risk of having her heart broken by Eve’s death and walked away. Both sides are absolutely understandable, and that’s what makes this scene heartbreaking and why the moments of self-reflection that follow after Dan’s death are so monumental when it comes to their experiences as characters on Lucifer.

When Maze and Eve finally come back together, Eve lets Maze have the floor. Eve knew what she wanted from the very moment she returned and she hadn’t changed her mind. And the fact that she gave Maze space to speak her truth makes me respect this woman even more, because Maze loves her, but she had to come back to Eve on her own time and terms.

Maze accepting Eve’s love and the consequences that come with being with someone who isn’t immortal was beautiful. It spoke of the growth that Maze has gone through as a character through the entirety of the show, and it showed us, the viewer, that even someone as badass, determined, and capable as Maze could open up her heart and be vulnerable.

That’s what makes Maze and Eve’s relationship so special. They see the best in each other, they challenge each other, they respect each other, and they fight for each other. Those are the kind of relationships that last and the kind that I need to see more of when it comes to LGBTQ relationships. And luckily for us, there’s more Lucifer coming to Netflix.

And hopefully, when it returns, we’ll get to see what other steps Maze and Eve take in developing their relationship. Because they will face challenges. There’s no doubt about that, but the way that they handle things is going to differentiate them from any past relationship either of them has had. Until then, I’ll be watching the Maze/Eve scenes on a loop and not feeling even a bit of shame at it.

Lucifer season 5b is available on Netflix.

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