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A British Supermarket Is Trolling King Charles Ahead of His Coronation

All hail... the Tampon King?

On today’s installment of “us Brits have the best humor”: a supermarket has used King Charles’ upcoming coronation to sell tampons. Some Tesco employees have been very cheeky indeed and have placed a sign which reads “Let’s celebrate the king’s coronation” in the health and beauty aisle, next to packs of sanitary products.

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I hope whoever decided to do it doesn’t get fired, because it’s hilarious and makes the royals spending millions on a coronation while the country is in a cost-of-living crisis a teeny, tiny little bit less depressing.

People took to the comments of the TikTok to share their amusement. One person said, “It took a minute to sin in then my eyebrows nearly flew off!!!” Another wrote, “That can’t be true ??” Someone else commented, “LMAOOO THIS IS THE ONE.”

If you’re not aware of why this is so funny or are at a loss of why they chose tampons, then your eyes have not seen the monstrosity that is Charles and Camilla’s transcript from a certain phone call in 1993 (commonly known as Tampongate) where he basically said he wished he was her tampon so that he could be inside of her … Yeah. It’s not something any of us wish we had in our brains, and yet, here we are. And before you ask, because I know you’re wondering: It is, indeed, included in The Crown.

When they were contacted by The Mirror for comment, a spokesperson for the supermarket said, “We have Coronation signage through our stores. These products are not part of our Coronation range but we do have a great selection of food, drink and homeware for those looking to celebrate, including the Tesco Finest Coronation King Prawn sandwich, Finest Coronation Raspberry and Peach Bellini Trifle, and Coronation teapots, cake stands and mugs.”

The incident will haunt the king forever and the fact that supermarkets are using it for his coronation suggests to me that maybe this is only just the beginning of, as someone in the TikTok comments called him, The Tampon King.

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