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This 80s Anime Inspired A New Hope Trailer Is AMAZING

Sometimes fandom sucks. There’s a lot of infighting, ship wars, racism/sexism, etc., but when fandom is good and fosters creativity and meta and makes people want to give back, that is the best part of being involved in a fandom. So this Star Wars: A New Hope Animotion Trailer is everything good about fandom wrapped up in 2 minutes of glory.

This fan trailer by YouTuber Dmitry Grozov combines everything awesome about ‘80s-style space/mecha anime, think your Gundams, Macross Plus, Evangelion, complete with Japanese voice acting and all the little flourishes of anime produced in this era that make it a delight to watch on multiple levels. If you didn’t think Han Solo could look any more like a rugged badass, now he looks like he could be imported right into the world of Cowboy Bebop.

Han Solo

Yes, sir, you are.

The design of all the characters is amazing, both reflective of the real-life actors, but also pulling off the anime style. I am also a huge fan of Chewie’s mustache. It’s always odd to not hear James Earl Jone’s voice come out of Darth Vader’s mouthbox, but I can’t deny he is one of my favorite parts because the way he’s animated just further highlights his size and otherness in the scenes. So yes, more animated-style Vader please.

Twin Skywalkers

Instead of making more Star Wars movies that are extended versions of stories we already know, maybe doing some animated versions of the movies might be a lot of fun. Not only is it another way to tell some of these great stories, but the format might engage people who don’t already know or like the older Star Wars movies. Not to mention, more of Chewie in that mustache.

What do you think of this trailer? Does it fill you with delight this lovely Saturday afternoon?

(via io9, image: Screengrab/Dmitry Grozov)

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