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Man Draws 365 Dick Doodles for His Wife

Now I know what love is.


“In February 2013, my wife bought a white board. I told her I was going to draw penises on it every day.” Thus begins this masterpiece of a video from the aptly titled YouTube user 365DaysofPenises, who kept his promise and uploaded the NSFW yet sweet results to the internet so we may all know what beauty his love has wrought.

Dick dragons, girl with a pearl earring and a penis, American Gothdick—if it weren’t for the touching music in the video, we’d think 365DaysOfPenises’ vivid imagination was overcompensating for something.

But no, this is about love. Someday, I want what these two have.

(via Jezebel, image via 365DaysofPenises)


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