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Sister Receives Legitimate $201,000 Phone Bill Due to Deaf-Mute Brother

It seems like everyone has a phone bill story. Back in the day it was because of long distance calls, or calls to 1-900 numbers. Now, it has to do with limited texting and data plans. Whatever the case, phones a great way to run up a huge bill that will come and slap you in the face with a wet fish at the end of the month. Ever since Cecilia Aarons got her $201,000 bill from T-Mobile, she knows that well.

It’s worth mentioning that this wasn’t a mistake; the bill was perfectly legitimate. There were however, some extenuating circumstances. Cecilia has two deaf-mute brothers on her plan. Being deaf-mute and all, the two communicate primarily by text message. Cecilia had an appropriate data and texting plan and everything, but then one of the brothers spent two weeks in Canada and you can probably figure out where this is headed.

Over the course of those two weeks, the brother abroad sent thousands of text messages and downloaded numerous things, sometimes incurring data charges of $2,000 a pop. T-Mobile is not legally obligated to warn you if your usage jumps like this and they did not warn Cecilia, which is how she wound up with a bill for a fat $201,000. Lucky for her, folks who get a bill that high usually don’t have to actually pay it. After going to WSVN NewsHelp Me Howard segment, Cecilia managed to get the actual bill cut down to a comparitively meager $2,500, which she’s been given six months to pay. While it beats being in debt to T-Mobile for the rest of your life, $2,500 is still a hefty bill.

The moral of the story? Cellphone companies are out to take all your money. Never leave your native country, especially not for Canada. Talking to family is more expensive than it’s worth. Complain about all your bills, extravagant or not. Make sure you understand your texting and data plans before they cost you a few grand.

(via The Atlantic Wire)

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