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What Did You Think of the Movies of Summer 2014?

Time to getcher survey on.

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Earlier this year we asked you, our readers, which of this summer’s movies you were most looking forward to, from Guardians of the Galaxy to Transformers: Age of Extinction and everything in between. Well, now that we’ve all had a chance to see (or not) all those movies, we’re checking back and getting your opinions on which of them delivered.

There are two polls: One where you rank how much you liked each movie (from one to five, one being “spawn of Satan” and five being “I have seen God”), and one where you can get your language on; we’ll cobble our favorite responses into a Zagat-style blurb encapsulating exactly what our readership thinks of each movie. Movies that you haven’t seen you can leave blank. Check back this Friday to see the Official Mary Sue Reader Ranking of this summer’s movies from worst to best, plus the TMS crew’s opinions on what came out over the past few months. Now get voting!

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