An April Fools’ Day Round-Up Of the Tricksy Hobbitses Who Tried to Pull One Over On Us

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  1. HBO Watch reports that season four of Game of Thrones is replacing Peter Dinklage with Warwick Davis.

  2. Can this one, by George Takei, not be a joke?

  3. Among Google's April Fools jokes this year are Google Nose, Gmail Blue, and—my personal favorite—Treasure Maps.

  4. ISS Commander Chris Hadfield tweets about finding a strange piece of debris.

  5. Nice try, Nice try.

  6. Did you know Apple is introducing a game console? It's true. IGN has a video and everything.

    (via: Kotaku)

  7. … and ThinkGeek a Play-Doh 3D Printer

  8. Procter & Gamble announces Scope Bacon mouthwash: "for breath that sizzles"

    (via:Laughing Squid)

  9. Sony introduces Can Cans.

  10. Twitter (sorry, Twttr) is going to start charging us for vowels! Via SlashGear.

  11. YouTube has announced that tonight, after eight years, they'll finally stop accepting entries and pick the best video on YouTube. Might I suggest Baby Got Back - Gilbert and Sullivan Style? It's an oldie but a goodie.

    Check out the YouTube video at He Geek She Geek.

  12. Vimeo introduces Vimeow, "a place to hide when people come over, and a way to connect with other feral, potentially rabid strays."

  13. Netflix is getting really specific with some of its categories. Via Buzzfeed

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