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2010 Grammy Nominees Don’t Just Sing: a Rundown of their Voiceover Work

From the blog Whose Voice is That? comes a truly extensive post on tonight’s Grammy nominees, or at least those who also have voice acting credits. WViT’s list covers a number of areas within our geeky purview, including David Bowie, Yogi Bear, Mos Def, Metalocalypse, and more.

Our three favorite new bytes of knowledge are:

  • Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas, has voiced Sally and Lucy for Peanuts television specials.

The Peanuts specials were unusual in that they used only child actors to voice the characters (well, mostly).  While this sometimes this resulted in awkward sounding dialogue, it also helped lend a sense of innocence to Charlie Brown and company.

  • Michael Jackson has voiced a version of himself in two games for the Dreamcast known as Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5: Part 2.

If the idea of Michael Jackson playing the part of space! Michael Jackson (the character’s name is, no, seriously, Space Michael) isn’t enough for you, brief perusal of the Wikipedia page reveals that the game’s bad guys are aliens who force people to dance.

  • Harry Connick Jr. voiced the part of Dean in The Iron Giant.

Who are we kidding, we just love Dean.  He’s a beatnik!  We display a video of Dean clips below, helpfully provided by Whose Voice is That?

Yeah.  YEAH?

For more Grammy nominees and their secret voice-over work, including Beyoncé, Madonna, Steve Martin, Metallica, and a ton of narrators of documentaries, see Whose Voice is That’s complete, Deloitte-audited post.

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