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Tiny Scrubs Reunion: J.D. and Turk Sing “It’s Cold Outside”

Turk and J.D. (or maybe just Donald Faison and Zach Braff, it’s hard to tell when those two are in character) give us a loving rendition of one dude just trying to coerce another dude into spending the night against his wishes, with the implied use of hard liquor to accomplish this.

Don’t forget to take advantage of YouTube’s best holiday feature: the snowflake button. It’ll make it look way more like it’s actually cold in this video.

(TDW via Reddit.)


  • Anonymous

    wow. I really like Donald Faison’s voice. Well done.

  • Angela Fortin

    Ah. I find that this song exists on the fine line between flirty and creepy, falling one one side or the other largely depending on who’s singing it. These two? Hilarious.

  • balakrishnarao