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Vin Diesel Announced a Fourth Riddick Movie In the Middle of a Video of Him Dancing to Beyoncé

Yesterday Vin Diesel broke the Internet by posting a video to Facebook of him dancing and singing along to Beyoncé and Katy Perry. And, as if that weren’t enough of a treat, if you watched to the 3:12 mark you’d hear him announce–with Perry’s “Dark Horse” still blaring in the background—Universal’s interest in making a fourth Riddick movie.

Said Diesel:

“I’m just excited, and happy, and I’m shouting out to you guys to say thank you. Universal just called me and told me that Riddick is number one on the DVD charts. There’s no way in the world Riddick would have been made without you guys. You know that. And you guys have been a part of our [Facebook] page since 2012 and remember how arduous a road it was to get the movie made, and to make it rated R, and to do it with such a low budget. It’s a win for all of us and I really, really, really, really thank you so much. Yeah, I’m excited, and of course, Universal also says they want to develop the next one.”

And then he made this face, which I feel is an important bit of information to share with you.

To be honest, I’m more excited about the dancing than the fourth Riddick movie. Same as Zoe, the sexism in last September’s Riddick upset me. There were two female characters, one of whom—played by Katee Sackhoff—had substantial screentime, and both their plots largely revolved around the threat (or actual presence of) of rape. And then Sackhoff’s character, who explicitly states that she’s a lesbian, wants to sleep with Riddick by the end of the film. Because that’s why lesbians are lesbians, obviously: They haven’t met the right bald, brooding man yet. I wasn’t expecting anything particularly progressive from Riddick. I just wanted it to follow Pitch Black‘s example and be a solid, entertaining actioner. Then it had to get all gross.

And the bad taste lingers in my mouth, which is why I’m not too excited about this fourth movie. (Fast and Furious 7, on the other hand…) Vin—can I call you Vin?—and director David Twohy, how ’bout this: Next time around you give us a movie that doesn’t use sexual violence A) for shock value, or B) as a method of establishing the eeeevilness of bad guys whose villainy is already well-established. Actually? Just leave sexual violence out of the next movie. Full stop.

(via: /Film)

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame really, Pitch Black was more Carolyn’s story than anyone else’s. And it was a GOOD story too. I love watching her obvious dilemma of whether or not to leave the safety of Riddick and the ship to save the people she left behind and her just barreling at Riddick and being awesome. That’s a fantastic moment and I think she’s a fantastically feminist character. And then they made sequels -.-

  • Brooke Michelle

    Adler was a lesbian?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Ugh, don’t get me started. The show’s version of Sherlock is Moffat saying “Aren’t abrasive genius men whom no one likes WONDERFUL?! Hint hint.”

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yup. When John said “I’m not actually gay,” she responded “Well I am.” Until she fell for Sherlock.

  • Brooke Michelle

    I guess I wasn’t paying that much attention.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Sackhoff will be back, even if it’s just to undo the harm Riddick did to her character. She’s a really cool actress and probably the only reason TMS even bothered making a review of that film. The mistakes they made are the kind that are usually only made once and they still have a shot at making a decent character out of Dahl.

  • Anonymous

    That’s kind of how I feel about Riddick. Obviously, I wasn’t paying proper attention. Until I read it mentioned repeatedly in reviews, I never once assumed that the banter at the end meant that Sackhoff’s character had any interest in sleeping with Riddick. I just put it down to her repeating back the words he’d used earlier, while fully clothed, to turn the tables on him. To me she started and ended the movie a fully in control lesbian character. Obviously, I need to get my eyes and bias’ checked.

  • Revolution of Eva


  • Anonymous

    I do not remember of her saying explicitly that she was a lesbian (I do remember her saying sth. about the lines of being not very keen on men (not liking men does not necessarily equal being lesbian, there’s a quite a difference))but there’s no doubt that Katee Sackhoff’s character in that movie was treated very very poorly, especially in respect of what a great fully developed character she was allowed to play in BSG.

    Hope they treat her better in a sequel if they even dare to include her again.

  • Anonymous

    Ahem… have you ever read “A scandal in Bohemia”? I doubt it.

    It’s Sherlock Holmes who feels sth. (probably professional admiration for an equal mind) for Irene Adler (not the other way around). And Adler is no lesbian, she marries an attorney in the story after having had an affair with a German nobleman.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    She was talking about one specific adaptation of Holmes, not the entire canon.

  • Anonymous

    Never. Well…probably in that “modernized TV version”. But I recommend strongly to read the original stories.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, I couldn’t know. There around 250 movie versions and dozens of TV shows so I always go out from the one version that really counts: Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, the one and only for me (well, okay… I accept the very close Jeremy Brett versions, too! ;-))!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yes, that’s the version I was quoting. :)

  • Anonymous

    Why voting down. It’s true. Read the story.

  • Caitlin

    She says “I don’t f*ck dudes” at the beginning of the movie when one guy makes a pass at her.

  • Travis

    Unreliable narrator.

  • Anonymous

    Still doesn’t make her a lesbian. Would have been different if she said: “I only f*ck girls”.

    Anyway, the film was rude and the whole film was a 180 degree turn from the “women-friendly” attitude of the first movie. Riddick 3 can be rightly called sexistic trash.

  • Grant Cruickshank

    Yeah…I wasn’t too happy about the treatment of the women in the film either. Sackhoff “doesn’t fuck dudes” but seemingly willingly opens up at the end to the almighty Riddick man-force? Hollywood have really got to stop treating secondary female characters as prizes to be gifted to whatever male hero the film is about.

    Considering the dip in writing quality after Pitch Black, every iteration of the Riddick story produced makes that first film seem more and more like a fluke. I miss the intelligent, reserved, hyper-aware Riddick from Pitch. Seems like he’s getting dumber and more clichéd the older he gets.

  • Jeyl

    The number one think I hated about “The Chronicles of Riddick” was that Fry was not mentioned once in the entire movie. Riddick wouldn’t be where he was if it wasn’t for her, and she sure handled him in the end. Now everything is all about Riddick being a badass who can do anything.