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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

If we got angry about this kind of thing we'd be angry all the time

If The World Treated Real Wives The Same Way The Internet Treats TV Wives

Send this video to the next dude you see calling Skyler White whiny on a forum somewhere.

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  • Hannele Kormano

    What’s frustrating is that bros who hated Skyler will still identify with the cops more than with the wife.

  • stella

    Didnt this kind of happen on Breaking Bad?

  • Jon E. Christianson

    There’s this really fascinating interview with Robert Kirkman (of the Walking Dead) about fan reaction to Lori and he actually compares the situation to that of Skyler.

    “I feel like the infidelity turned a lot of people against her from very early on, so whatever she did from that point on was suspect and made people dislike her. [...] It’s odd sometimes to see how the audience perceives certain things. It’s something we’re certainly trying to be mindful of more in the writers’ room, how female characters interact with male characters, and what the potential for the audience is to misinterpret things the female characters are doing. It’s a pretty big danger in television writing. You look at Skyler inBreaking Bad and you think, ‘No, guys. She was the one who was right.’ I understand that the show is trying to get you behind Walt, but it’s not supposed to get you so behind him that you hate everyone who disagrees with him.”

  • Adrian

    I always found that the Skyler haters were never able to articulate why they hated Skyler so much; those fake cops did more explaining than I’m used to seeing. Usually their reasoning was just calling her a name or saying something like “ugh, i don’t know, i just do, ugh” …which I guess points to the subconscious pervasiveness of systemic misogyny. People be hatin’ and they don’t even know why! Gross.

  • Anonymous

    Skyler is one of the main reasons I want to keep watching Breaking Bad. I’m waiting for the rest of it to come out on Netflix. In all honesty, I couldn’t hate Walter more…

  • Alexa

    Just started to watch Breaking Bad, on season 3, and the show is infuriating in that you sympathize with everyone. No one is truly terrible people, even those two creepy henchmen with the axe you can kind of understand why they act they way they do. Don’t get me wrong, they’re fucking evil and need to be stopped, but they were more then likely programmed to be that way, so yeah.
    And the thing about Skylar is that she does start out kind of shrill and a bit reactionary, but I never hated her, even when she slept with her boss. It was the wrong thing to do, but I completely understood why she did it, and in fact she really grew as a character.

    It was nice that she became more then just the worried and uptight wife character and become more three dimensional. Plus I’m on the episode where she really starts to understand why Walt did what he did, and its so well acted by the actress that I really see where Skylar is coming from. I may not think it was the best thing to sleep with her boss, but I understand to a degree why she did it. Just as much as I understand why Walt from the beginning decided to make meth. Its not right but the show is so well written and acted that you understand why certain people do what they do. Seriously you get so invested with the characters that at times the show rips out your heart shows it to you and stomps on it. In other words its pretty fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a kind of sympathy/hate thing going on for all the characters. They’re all awful… but they’re all people. You feel for them without thinking they’re objectively “right”. So on the one hand I can understand how people can dislike Skyler—she’s petty, she wants to be the moral authority but is a little hypocritical. What I don’t understand is why those same people don’t also hate Walt.

  • Alexa

    Yeah when I say that I sympathize with Walt and understand some of his actions, doesn’t mean I like him all the the time. He can be a real asshole, for no reason. But at the same time, I can see good in him. But still, total asshole at times.

  • Alexa

    Noble is the last thing I would describe Walt as. He is anything but noble.

  • Anonymous


    I don’t want to spoil too much, but as season 4 picks up, you start to realize that Walt is really starting to embrace is dark side a bit too much. There’s a conversation which marks the change very forcefully, and you’ll recognize it as soon as you hear it.

  • Michelle

    Exactly! How is it that this much of television watchers don’t understand this? Do they not teach the children critical thinking anymore?

  • Wong Chia Chi

    1) Sadly cops do this in real life.
    2) Jesse began to hate Walt for the same reasons as Skyler and he was a way more annoying character to me. But he doesn’t get nearly the same amount of hate.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    To be fair, a lot of people disliked Lori for more reasons the infidelity (which wasn’t even infidelity, since she thought her husband was dead). Lori was a terrible character for numerous reasons, and I’d dislike a male character just as much if they did it (especially her ‘do whatever has to be done!’ and once it is ‘how could you do that?!’ attitude she had going on).
    Are there a lot of jerks who’s hatred of her stemmed from a terrible sexist place? Of course. Is it possible to dislike female characters without your hate being inherently sexist? Also yes.

  • Diaspora

    I never liked to look at her because she did that awful, grimacing duckface in the place of actually emoting and it made my face hurt. Thankfully, she stopped doing that around the third season.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Comparing Lori to Skyler is absurd; the latter was really well-written, you could sympathize with her position and understand her. Lori, on the other hand was a one-dimensional character who just complained of everything all the time, which, alright, it’s the apocalypse, you’re allowed to do that, but just imagine having to deal with walkers and someone like that on your group? I don’t remember much of the comics, but in the show it was even worse with her always changing her mind, as you mentioned, and her incredible abilities to know where her son was during the most dangerous moments of the day.
    Honestly, sleeping with Shane was probably one of the few reasonable things she ever did, even though he was the character I despised the most.

  • Ruth Beaty

    And what makes you think women really aren’t treated this way?

  • Anonymous

    This is a bit of a long intro but stick with me, it comes to the point.

    Have you ever heard the song “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart? There’s a line that goes something like: ” I suppose I could collect my books and get on back to school, Or steal my daddy’s cue and make a living out of playing pool…”
    I remember hearing those lyrics, turning to my sister and saying: “You’d think there would be other options there, between going to school or hustling pool for a living.” (To be fair, Rod does consider finding a rock band that needs a helping hand as well.) She pointed out, no doubt correctly, that “school” and “pool” rhyme and that was why they were presented as the two options. I agreed but pointed out it was bad writing and would inevitably lead people like me to think that the Rod character was kind of weak in the “seeing options in life” skill.
    I got the EXACT same feeling watching Breaking Bad. I never bought the premise that Walt so loved his family that he just HAD to start cooking meth. Blame it on Canadian universal healthcare, but I just don’t have the willing suspension of disbelief to accept that it was his ONLY option once he got sick (although I know many Canadians that do). I don’t care what it means to my wealth or my family’s well-being, I would never cook meth and sell it and I cannot empathize with a person who does/did. Because, frankly, where do we draw the line where it’s okay to start hurting people to financially support your family? Lung cancer, apparently. What about ovarian cancer? Can I start whacking people for the mob if I have ovarian cancer?! Are those people less dead because I will soon be too?
    I know. I’m no fun. With the basic premise unpurchased, I can’t marvel at the actors’ skills or nuance. When I read people talking about Walt’s anti-hero status, I roll my eyes sooo hard, I’m in danger of doing an injury to myself.

  • AnnaB

    I think at the beginning, I didn’t like her because I thought she was pushy. I can’t stand people who are pushy, but very shortly after a few episodes, I got over that with her and I really began to hate Walter White. That didn’t make me stop watching the show in any way, because I kind of liked hating him. Aside from being on Skyler’s team, I was also on Jesse’s team. I was pretty much rooting for everyone except Walter. I wailed when Hank–well, and I always hoped Skyler would be rid of Walter. Perhaps that’s why I loved the ending–and the entire series–of Breaking Bad so much.

  • Anonymous

    No, they don’t.