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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Zombie Game Boy

Honestly, an 8-bit video game system with a green display is probably one of the closest things to an actual zombie that we’ll see in real life. (via Laughing Squid)

  • Here is a reason to watch NBC‘s The Office again: Catherine Tate, who played potential Michael Scott replacement Nellie Bertram last season, will be returning to the show in a “major recurring role” in the second half of this season. And then can she please do something with Kristen Wiig? I’m openly begging. (via Deadline)
  • An extensive but fascinating piece in The Hollywood Reporter discusses how some of the original Muppet players — including Frank Oz — are not completely happy about the new Muppet movie coming out next month. Examples: Fozzie telling a fart joke, Kermit living in a mansion, and the Muppets splitting up in the first place.
  • Got tons of time and a steady hand? Do you also speak/write Elvish? Here is something to try at home this fall! (via Geeks Are Sexy)

    I Heart Chaos has some stills from Universal‘s The Lorax that appear in Entertainment Weekly. They look just as colorful and wonderful as they should. And guess what? We’re going to see what the Once-ler (voiced by Ed Helms) looks like!

    And, the Lorax:

    This 100% medically accurate map of the United States by Pleated Jeans shows us the scariest things each state hath wrought. New York: The Son of Sam. New Jersey: Snooki. Yup. Click to embiggen. (via io9)

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    • Abel Undercity

      I don’t want to see what the Once-ler looks like.  And I certainly hope it’s not the weedy specimen with the ax.

    • Francesca M

      I’m not surprised about the Muppet issues. I was rather concerned myself, the best muppet movies the actors are in the background, the muppets are the stars.

      I had hopes that Catherine Tate was going to get the boss gig at DM, because I’d heard tell that the writers were in love with her (well duh) but that the fan reaction to James Spader was the best. If she’s coming back to the show I’m totally willing to start watching again.

    • Frodo Baggins

      “We’re going to see what the Once-ler (voiced by Ed Helms) looks like!”

      What a great idea! Lord knows the worst thing about V for Vendetta was not showing V’s face. And couldn’t Waiting for Godot end with Godot showing up? Or Peanuts let us understand everything the adults say? 2001 should have ended with a bunch of aliens walking up to Dave and saying, “Hey, we’re going to reveal the secrets of the universe to help your species evolve, a’ight?” The Day the Earth Stood Still would be better had it shown Klaatu in his alien form. If only The Iron Giant had explained where the robot came from and why he was sent to Earth. Just imagine how good The Ten Commandments would have been, had God been depicted as some bearded dude in a robe. We all wanted Calvin & Hobbes to reveal that Hobbes was really a magic tiger transformed into a doll by a wizard, right? And Groundhog Day came so close to perfection, but failed because it didn’t explain why the repeated day happened. 

      At least George Lucas had the common decency to give us midichlorians, so we wouldn’t have to deal with that vague nonsense about a “mystical force” plaguing the original trilogy.