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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: She-Ra Rides Again

I had heard DC Comics were doing an ongoing Masters of the Universe comic. What I didn’t realized was, She-Ra was going to be in it and apparently she’s going to be He-Man’s enemy.  Here she is on the varient cover for the first issue done by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson, the series is being written by Keith Giffen with art by Pop Mhan. In stores April 17th. (via MTV Geek

  • “Jane Doe” of the Steubenville trial has asked those looking to help her financially instead send donations to the YWCA’s Madden House in Wheeling, West Virginia. (via The Frisky)
  • Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin shook the comic world a bit today by releasing The Private Eye, a pay-what-you-will,  no DRM comic. Get your copy at  (via Newsarama)

ABC’s Once Upon a Time are launching a book series! Reawakened will be published by Hyperion and is written by Odette Beane. It will take place during the first season of the series.  (via Entertainment Weekly)

  • Our sister site Geekosystem has posted something you might want to look at. “Man Has The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Shaved Into His Hair, Because Sure, Why Not.” It’s way better than you’d expect.
  • Harrison Ford had some words about his possible return to Star Wars, ““I think it’s almost true. I’m looking forward to it. It’s not in the bag yet, but I think it’s happening.” Someone wake me up when Star Wars VII is released. (via Collider)

Rainbow Dash socks are pretty adorable. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  • Jamie Jeans

    I sincerely hope that the Once Upon A Time book is not focused solely on Snow White… I’m starting to detest that character and how much of a sociopath I’ve heard she’s becoming in the second season.

  • Anonymous

    I have such a love-hate relationship with Once Upon a Time. It has such HORRIBLE messages (“your adopted parents can never really love you,” for example), but I’m such a sucker for twisted fairy tales. I watch obsessively then hate myself afterward.

  • Stephen

    Our kids love the original He-Man and She-Ra TV shows. And they were ecstatic when their mom brought home the first issue of the new comic. It was a bit short, but looked promising. It introduced a slightly different twist to the story, so I can picture She-Ra and He-Man being enemies. Although they were briefly enemies for one or two episodes in the original She-Ra TV series as well. We haven’t seen any of the follow-up issues in stores, but we keep looking.

  • Aeryl

    I know a lot of people involved with adopted families get that message, but honestly the show doesn’t show biological families in a good light either. And the characters refusal to treat Regina as if she still matters in Henry’s life is seriously coming back to bite them in the ass. So I don’t know if the anti-adoption thing is a message or a plot point.

  • Tamara Brooks

    It’s definitely not a message about adoption and a reflection of the story/characters. It’s the fact that Regina is The Evil Queen who’d done decades worth of horrible things. So she’s being judged based on past deeds which the majority of characters believe proves she’s incapable of love or just generally not being awful.

  • Katherine Ferguson

    You have no idea how much I’m flailing. Considering She-Ra was first a villainess, due to kidnapping as a baby and brainwashing, this could very well be in character.

    Or it could just be, “AK! STRONG WOMAN! OH NOES! MUST MAKE EVIL!!!” We’ll have to wait and see. As a long term fan (she was on the backpack I carried to my first day of kindergarten) I really hope they don’t screw her up, but with the current feminist backlash I aint holding my breath.

  • TKS

    Eff yeah, Jane Doe. Way to show who the better person is in the face of adversity. Two of her lady classmates were arrested today for making death threats on her facebook page.

  • Anonymous

    She-Ra looking fierce as ever.

  • Anonymous

    No, I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t a variation on the “kidnapped and brainwashed” thing, since it’s so integral to her backstory.

  • Aeryl

    I thought the same thing, but she was just in a comic with He Man in Dec, and was good then. So I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    If this were the only show that used that approach, maybe. But it comes up all the time in TV shows and movies. And it didn’t even make sense in the context of “real world” Regina: she was actually shown as a pretty good mom (at least at first). So it was really weird and dissonant that ONLY this complete stranger who didn’t even want a kid could be “the good mom.”

  • Erica Slade

    I’m pumped about She-ra, i still watch the old cartoons. So i will be waiting with joyful anticipation until april 17th! FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL!

  • Life Lessons

    Huzzah to Jane Doe!

    *RASPBERRY* to making She-Ra the villain. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Tamara Brooks

    I can’t speak for any other shows but I really feel like OUAT does a good job at showing that it’s Regina’s bad impulses that are causing others to have that opinion of her. As for what we actually see, you’re right, she’s shown as a good mom. It’s everything else she does that messes it up for her. And it’s what makes the way they treat her so tragic when we as an audience see she’s actually trying to reform and everyone else is so resistant to seeing/accepting that. I do think one of the things that hurts OUAT is some of the uncharacteristic turns that are taken to move the story along (or sometimes not uncharacteristic but clunkily executed). It sometimes undermines some really good themes.