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Reward For Not Texting In A Theater? There’s An App For That.

At a recent trip to the theater I was greeted with two things; one was a message from the chain asking us not to use our cellphones during the show, another was a paid advertisement that talked about texting during a movie as if it were ok. Needless to say, while I assume most people are against cell phone usage of any kind during a film, there are those out there who think it’s ok. But a new app aims to reward customers for good behavior. Will it work? 

Theater chain Cinemark has created CineMode, an app inside their regular movie app. Here’s how it works according to their press release:

  • Download the Cinemark app. App is available for both the iPhone and Google Android phone.
  • Start: Start CineMode when you are prompted. A message appears on the auditorium screen right before the movie begins. When CineMode is started the bright screen on the smart phone will dim automatically and customers will be asked to set the phone’s volume to vibrate.
  • Stay: Stay in CineMode for the duration of the movie.
  • Earn: When the movie ends and the guest exits CineMode, Cinemark will automatically send a reward (digital coupon) through the app and store it in the Rewards section.
  • Customers can earn rewards every time they see a movie at Cinemark.

Um, best idea ever? If they had theaters near me I would totally take part and I’m one of those people who turn their phones completely off during a movie.

James Meredith, Cinemark’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications said, “It is important to develop tools that maximize and preserve the movie-going experience. For a while, our customers have asked us to design an alternative and creative solution that addresses texting and cell phone issues in our auditoriums. Now, through the Cinemark app, CineMode targets these courtesy issues through the very same devices that are causing the problems. Additionally, now our guests have the ability to earn rewards that can be used during their next visit to Cinemark.”

What do you think of the new idea? It doesn’t say exactly what the rewards are, most likely discounts or free items, but I think it’s really smart. Plus, those who absolutely need to keep their phones on for emergencies can still do so.

(via The Frisky)

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  • Happy Zach’s Giving

    *sigh* Why are we rewarding people for REASONABLE AND EXPECTED behavior?

  • Anonymous

    Tried this yesterday and got a free soda. Yay!

  • Rick Bman

    We don’t need rewards for people not texting, we need punishment for those that do.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    I saw Cloud Atlas on Saturday and there were at least 5 reminders to turn off phones including the ad for the Cinemark app. I told my friend it would have made a great drinking game.

  • Bel

    I almost never notice anybody texting in theatres…

  • TKS

    As someone that doesn’t have a problem texting in movies I think this is a fantastic idea. Bring on the coupons!

    Joking aside, pretty much any reputable study on the subject will tell you that rewards are more effective motivators than punishments. Besides that, I don’t usually go to Cinamark theaters (RAVE is closer and has a better picture.) Though, this makes me want to go to Cinamark.

  • Anonymous

    I know, right? It’s common courtesy. Last time I went to the theater I had kids giggling and texting to the right of me and the person in front of me had the nerve to answer her phone and continue a conversation. Enough to make me want to wait for the DVD. /rant

  • Janna A. Kepley

    Cool! The MET HD does their opera telecast through the Cinemark out here! Thanks for this!

  • Laura Truxillo

    I’m for it. Just yesterday I was trying to convince my boss we should give out little star stickers to patrons when they actually behave themselves properly in the library. Positive reinforcement makes everyone happy!

  • Jerry Mael

    what Happy Zach’s Giving said..

  • Jerry Mael

    I am the type that would yank phone from them and throw it towards the exit.. this is why I go to drive-ins :)

  • Becca C.

    We shouldn’t be giving people rewards but hey, I’ll probably take advantage of it.

  • Taste_is_Sweet

    While I completely agree that it’s a sad thing that now people have to be rewarded for showing common courtesy, I also think that rewards are a wonderful way to get people to do what you want and work far better than punishment. If someone texts and doesn’t get caught, they might feel guilty but mostly they’ll feel cool and anarchist (I know this from all the times I’ve disobeyed rules in my life). But if they get rewarded for not texting, not only will they feel pleased with themselves, they’ll have a tangible reason to keep behaving properly.

    As the mother of a first-grader who has a teacher who explicitly rewards the children for things like staying quiet and doing their work neatly, his excitement at getting another sticker and working towards another trip to the ‘treasure chest’ is a wonderful thing to witness. He’s also been behaving amazingly well all year.

    Personally, I like to see it as earning something good for good work. People get paid for doing their jobs, I don’t see it as a huge difference to be rewarded for doing the right thing.