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Things We Saw Today: This Sonic Tractor Beam Can Levitate Objects

The video above shows a real-life tractor beam -- well, sort of. A team of physicists built a device that can levitate objects using "acoustic holograms." Little teeny tiny speakers transmit sound waves at certain intensities, which cause a little ball to float around. Awesome.

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Reward For Not Texting In A Theater? There’s An App For That.

Almost Totally Excellent

At a recent trip to the theater I was greeted with two things; one was a message from the chain asking us not to use our cellphones during the show, another was a paid advertisement that talked about texting during a movie as if it were ok. Needless to say, while I assume most people are against cell phone usage of any kind during a film, there are those out there who think it's ok. But a new app aims to reward customers for good behavior. Will it work? 

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