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Spot the References In This Simpsons Tribute to Miyazaki

There are a lot of them. Hopefully someone will go through and identify all the fiddly ones like MoviePilot did with the Guillermo del Toro intro (link autoplays).

(via: Bleeding Cool)

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  • Lien

    Awww… i was waiting for a Nausica reference.

  • frankenmouse

    I caught the following:
    - Totoro (Otto as the Catbus)
    - Kiki’s Delivery Service (the twins as witches + a black cat)
    - Porco Rosso (Clancy as a pig)
    - Ponyo (Ralph as the fish-person Ponyo sometimes turns into)
    - Spirited Away (the vast majority of the setting; No-Face cameo, Bullies as Haku)
    - Howl’s Moving Castle (Moe Scarecrow and the Kwik-e-mart)
    - Princess Mononoke (Kodama in a tree)
    - Background music is very similar to that of Joe Hisashi, the composer for all films directed by Miyazaki Sr.

    I didn’t see anything related to Nausicaa or Laupta, but I might have missed them.

  • Jen Rock

    Krusty was also dressed as Jigo from Mononoke. I just wish they’d done more of a reference because it is my FAVORITE.