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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Mary Sue

Psst, The Mary Sue’s Coming to a North Carolina Near You

We’re busy folks at The Mary Sue, and we get out to cons outside of our hometown area once in a blue moon. But about a month from now, one of those blue moons is rising, and I, your faithful managing editor, will be moderating a panel at the first Comic Book City con in Greensboro, North Carolina. So, if Greensboro, North Carolina is in your hometown area, you should come and checkout the con. It might be a long time before we’re so close to you again!

You can find everything you need to know at Comic Book City’s official website.

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  • The Doubleclicks

    YAY!!!!! This is going to be fun!

  • Anonymous

    Augh, I have to work that weekend! Great! This Ren Fest job is going to make me miss football AND The Mary Sue. >:(

  • Anonymous

    I happen to live near Greensboro. So, yay.

  • Anonymous

    i grew up there, try some cheerwine!

  • Meg

    Holy shit! I live in Greensboro (Geeksboro is THE BEST) but I work on Saturdays and am only going to the con on Sunday, super bummed I’ll miss the panel :(

  • Anonymous

    I live about 4 hours from there. Mad I have to work that weekend and miss you awesome ladies.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    You guys are awesome! I discovered you when I saw you were a sponsor of the Can’t Stop the Serenity event I went to in D.C.<3 Thank you for that.:)

  • Jenni

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  • Marie

    So close yet so far…could you swing the following day’s Durham show as well? :-)