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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

No. No no no no no no no. no.

The Joker as a Snuggie

Now, I’m a big Batman fan, so normally my reaction to this would be along the lines of:

No sir, I don’t like it. But on the other hand, while the Joker is an embodiment of pure chaos and evil, and snuggies are, whether deserved or undeserved, a little embarrassing, to each his or her own. If this is a thing somebody actually wants, who am I to judge?

But this morning on the bus I read Batman #14, the second core issue of the Joker’s first major appearance in the New 52, penned by crime horror master Scott Snyder

And now my reaction is more:

If you buy this snuggie, we can’t be friends. Blame Scott Snyder. And I haven’t even gotten to Batgirl #14 yet.

(via Fashionably Geek.)

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  • you guys

    Welcome to capitalism! Enjoying your stay?

  • Captain ZADL

    I’m kinda OK with the classic Joker snuggie, inasmuch as I’m OK with any snuggie (which is not at all) since the Pre-Crisis Joker (that’s pre-pre-pre Crisis, or the ’70′s era and before one) was less a psychopath than he’s become, BUT I am NOT NOT NOT OK with the face-skin-wearing New 52 version.

    Fuck DC.

  • Anatasia Beaverhousen

    I’m kinda cool with the snuggie, but then I love me some Adam West era Batman.

  • Hailey Ferraro

    I’m gonna have to run this by the Joker aficionado in my household, and get his perspective.

  • stevenguymcdade

    Have you not seen the Fischer Price LIttle People Justice League figures? OMG, it’s even worse.