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  1. Not So Fast: Fossilized Dinosaur Stampede Is Actually A Fossilized Dinosaur River Crossing

    For year's, Australia's Lark Quarry has been cited as a rare example of a dinosaur stampede frozen in time, the tracks this massive "running of the giant lizards" left behind captured forever in stone. A new analysis of the tracks, though suggests...not so much. According to researchers from the University of Queensland, the tracks have been misread for years, and represent not a sudden stampede, but a popular river crossing used by many dinosaurs over many years. Because dinosaurs do not wait for conditions to improve, and they most certainly do not pay to cross at a bridge. Dinosaurs ford the goddamn river.

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  2. Sheep Cyclone is the Worst and Best Stampede Ever [Video]

    You remember that scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, where that one guy is all fancy with swords, but then Indy just shoots him with a gun? Well, the above video is pretty similar, in that there's a sheep stampede, but instead of stampeding, they just circle around the car. Yeah, that analogy worked just fine.

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  3. Intel Announces Jaw-Dropping 50 Cores and One Teraflop Performance on Single Chip

    Intel turned some heads at a recent conference on supercomputing in Seattle when it announced Knights Corner, a single chip capable of one teraflop performance and uses 50 separate cores to pull it off. Intel claims that this new chip will deliver faster, more accurate results when performing calculations.

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