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  1. The Moon May Be Millions Of Years Younger Than Previously Thought

    A new analysis conducted on lunar rocks brought back to Earth by the Apollo 16 astronauts has led researchers to believe that the moon may be 60 million years younger than previously thought. This would make the current prevailing theory about how the moon formed impossible. The new results date the moon at around 4.36 billion years old, which means that the moon formed around the same time as the oldest crusts on Earth (4.4 billion year old zircons from Australia.) Led by Lars Borg of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in CA, the researchers used new refining techniques to study the isotopes lead and neodymium in a 1.88gram sample of  ferroan anorthosites (FAN) from NASA's lunar rock collection. The 4.36 billion year number refers to the time when the sample crystallized. This opposes the giant impact theory, the currently favored theory about moon formation (although this theory has itself been called into question lately.)

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  2. There is Nothing Holding These Rock Sculptures Together

    Artist Michael Grab takes a bit of a different approach to his craft. His work can be found in photographs, but if you want to meet it in person, you'll have to journey to Boulder Creek in Colorado. It's amidst this fast-moving water that Grab builds his stone towers which, amazingly, are only held together with friction. Shirking glue or internal supports, Grab creates his sculptures by painstakingly balancing each rock upon the next. The results of his patience are often staggering. His project, which he calls Gravity Glue, is based around Grab's view that change is fundamental to our modern world. His art is meant to decay, and meant to have only a specific time and place. Deceptively simple, his cairns are perhaps meant to remind us of the amazing powerful natural forces that govern the universe -- and hold his art together. Read on below for more pictures of Grab's work, and a quick video of the artist in action, knee-deep in water.

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