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mental health

  1. Superheroes and Mental Illness: Why Our Stories Matter

    Words matter. Stories matter.

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  2. Facebook Adds New Suicide Prevention Tools and a Fill-in-the-Blank Gender Option

    In two separate posts this week, Facebook announced that the company will be increasing resources for members who may be contemplating self-harm or suicide, as well as adding a more free-form option for users to describe their gender identity.

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  3. On Doctor Oz, Crappy Medical Advice, and Ethics In Mental Health

    Medical ethics can be a tricky subject to maneuver around, especially when it comes to mental health. Good thing Doctor Oz doesn't really care all that much ethics, right? That's what this fascinating video by PBS Braincraft seems to suggest.

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  4. Brain Orgasms, Spidey Sense, and Bob Ross: A Look Inside The World Of ASMR

    Oh, such a good scientific mystery!

    Since discovering the scientifically controversial but definitely awesome phenomenon known as ASMR, my life (and my browser history) has changed drastically. So why don’t more people know what I’m talking about?

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  5. Robin Williams Wife Releases Statement Revealing The Comedian’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis

    Susan Schneider, wife of the late Robin Williams, has release an official statement on his passing.

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  6. Study Shows Twitter May Trigger Psychosis in Predisposed Users, People of the Internet Deeply Unconcerned


    Earlier this August, the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease published a study that may have alarmed Internet users who find mental health or wellness support online: based on one troubling case study, the researchers feared Twitter may "aggravate or even induce psychotic symptoms" in predisposed users. But even if you have a personal or family history of mental illness, I wouldn't say sayonara to your followers yet.

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  7. [UPDATED] Tragic News: Robin Williams Has Passed Away At 63

    Williams was found dead at his home this morning in California.

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  8. I Guess No One Told Hamlet: Danish DNA May Hold The Secret To Happiness

    But where does feeling like "a room without a roof" come in?

    Denmark routinely tops rankings of the world's happiest nations, but new research shows Danish well-being might not actually stem from the country's social practices (or its excess of warm puppies): economists from the University's Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy released a study this month that suggests the more Danish your genetic make-up is, the likelier you are to be happy.

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  9. New “Why, God?” Study Says Loneliness May Be Deadlier Than Obesity

    Maybe that's what happened to China's lunar rover

    Here's some god-awful news to keep you awake on a winter's night: a recent study has confirmed that true, crushing loneliness is just as physically damaging as it feels, and may even pose greater health risks than obesity. Wish I had someone to talk to about this.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Guillermo del Totoro

    Things We Saw Today

    Next time you watch My Neighbor Totoro, imagine the titular forest spirit with Guillermo del Toro's face for a new viewing experience. Brazilian artist Giovanna is responsible for this masterpiece, which arose from a simple typo. (via Neatorama)

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