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Kanye West

  1. Anita Sarkeesian Got to Meet All The Rad People at Last Night’s TIME 100 Gala

    What a TIME to be alive!

    TIME's annual "100 Most Influential People" list was released last week, and last night many of the world's tastemakers converged on New York's Lincoln Center for a night of performances, speeches, and rubbing shoulders with other influential bad-asses.

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  2. Would You Eat A Salami Made Of 40% Kanye West?

    No disrespect to non-human salami.

    Soon it may be literally possible to eat the rich. Although at first glance Bitelabs might seem like any internet startup, they're not just your typical group of Silicon Valley biotech gourmands. In their own words, Bitelabs wants to "mix celebrity and animal meats into curated salami blends."

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  3. No Disrespect to Ben Affleck: The Best of Twitter’s Newest Kanye-Inspired Hashtag

    To be fair, I think Ben's still reeling from the Batman reveal.

    No doubt you've heard about Kanye West's recent explosion of angry tweets, in which he called Jimmy Kimmel out for parodying his recent BBC1 radio interview. While doing so, he created a hashtag that will live on through the ages. Or however long hashtags are supposed to last. Whichever.

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  4. Kanye West is on a Kanye Quest, Will Put You to the Kanye Test in This Fan-Made Game

    Not sorry about that title.

    Love him or hate him, rapper Kanye West has become a fixture in American pop culture; you can't really ignore him even if you tried. So it's only natural that there's now a video game about him. Kanye Quest 3030, a new free fan-made PC game, is a beautiful, dark, twisted, and final fantasy befitting of its eponymous star.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Iron Gorilla Makes Us Wonder What An All Gorilla Avengers Would Look Like

    Things We Saw Today

    This Iron Man gorilla is part of an outdoor art exhibition in Norwich,UK, GoGoGorillas, which would be a pretty amazing art exhibit even if it didn't include our favorite playboy million-air philanthropist, if we're being honest. (via Laughing Squid)

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Empire Magazine‘s Man of Steel Cover

    Things We Saw Today

    Please tell me I'm not the only one reminded of Rob Liefeld's bulbous-chested Captain America here. Just a little bit, for just a second. It's the angle! You can see two more pics—one of Jor-El, one of General Zod—at /Film.

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  7. You Can Now Have Kanye West’s Tweets Embroidered and Framed

    Though he has been quiet as of late, Kanye West is truly a master of Twitter. Sometimes, he's just linking to pictures of cars and houses without explanation. Other times, he's firing off tweet after tweet about DONDA or, you know, saying the most amazing things in the English language. Now, thanks to Etsy user supervelma, you can get his mystical utterings hand stitched and framed.

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  8. Is This WhoIs Knock-Off Really Run By Kanye West?

    You guys remember DONDA, right? The mutlimedia-everything company founded in a truly spectacular series of Tweets from Kanye West, which is supposed to fix everything from architecture to childhood education? It's gonna be great, I'm sure. However, a website called has emerged claiming to be the first incarnation of the legendary DONDA. You might assume that it is, perhaps, a breakthrough initiative the likes of which the Internet has never seen. You probably wouldn't assume it's a WhoIs rip-off that lets you look up the owners of websites. Which is what it is, and it's probably fake.

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  9. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West And More Endorse MegaUpload In Bizarre Song [UPDATED]

    MegaUpload has been catching some flak in this most recent push against piracy. Neither the MPAA nor the RIAA are particularly fond of the site. But do you know some of the people who are fond of it? How about Kim Kardashian, P Diddy,, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Lil John, Mary J. BlidgeJamie Foxx and more. In fact, they are so fond of it, they all contributed to a strange, but heartening little music-video-jingle sort of thing that talks about how awesome MegaUpload is, and how they all use and support it.

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  10. The Odd, Punny Pop Culture Art of Gallery1988

    Gallery1988, a pop culture-centric art gallery, doesn't display any old paintings of Christina Aguilera or Pippa Middleton, but displays some pretty fun -- and sometimes unsettling -- mashups of pop culture icons. Most of the pieces are still, or were once for sale, which means if you monitor the Gallery1988 page, you might be able to get your very own recreation of the Funisher or MC Hammerhead. Check out some more wacky art after the break.

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  11. Edit Webpage Content on the Fly and Play Pranks with This Handy Bit of JavaScript

    Call us immature, but we just had far too much fun playing with a simple JavaScript trick that allows you to edit the text of most webpages as you see it. Go to a webpage, paste
    javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0
    in the address bar, and hit enter. For the majority of sites, this will allow you to mess with the content of the site as you see it, most notably giving you the ability to delete text and replace it with whatever you want. Sarah Palin's Facebook page and celebrities' Twitter pages just got a whole lot more interesting! We thank Mr. Kanye West for bringing this trick to our attention. (h/t Reddit. title pic "via" @kanyewest)

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  12. Kanye West Tweets Converted into Tracy Jordan’s Words of Wisdom

    Ever since he joined Twitter in late July, Kanye West's Tweets have been a trove of creative inspiration for many: Shortly after he joined, someone made the remarkable discovery that his 140-character musings made swell captions for New Yorker cartoons. Then, this past Friday, graphic artist and game designer John Harper contributed to the growing field of Kanyeology when he made the observation that putting "Liz Lemon" in front of Kanye West's Tweets makes him into Tracy Jordan, Tracy Morgan's brilliant absurdity-spouting self-portrait on 30 Rock. This weekend, the Internet had fun with this game and discovered that Harper's observation was eerily accurate. A few examples:

    • Liz Lemon, Why don't they make Macbooks that get online like the Ipad... that's some bullshit man
    • Liz Lemon, I wish I had a fashion week time machine... Now I gotta learn to live with regrets
    • Liz Lemon, I want to edit the film on a boat... where are the good editing boats?
    • Liz Lemon, I think girls be trying to impress other girls with all them weird ass lip colors lol
    • Liz Lemon, ninjas are kind of cool ... I just don't know any personally. Get on that.
    (Bet you just read those in Tracy Morgan's voice.) Now, there's a Twitter bot that cuts out the middleman, morphing Kanye West Tweets into Tracy Jordanisms. Presenting: @kanyejordan.

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  13. Director of Kanye’s “Power” Music Video Created a Elevator That Travels From Hell to Heaven

    There's got to be a reason why Kanye West so wanted to specifically order Persian rugs with cherub imagery, and that reason may just be the director of his newest music video, Marco Brambilla. "Power," most recently and fittingly used in a trailer for The Social Network, was released yesterday as a controversially heaven-themed music video. Yet no one can deny the video's--or as Kanye calls it, the "painting's"--visual spectacle: King Kanye stands tall in the center of a heavenly tableau, a golden statue of the Egyptian god Horus slung around his neck, and the camera slowly pulls back to reveal an orgy of female "angels." Needless to say, wet toga contest ensues.

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