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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Honest Trailer

Winter Is Coming

The Honest Trailer For Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-3 Gives Us A Boob Refresher Course

Hey, it is called an Honest Trailer after all.

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i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Who Wants to See Black Widow Beat Up Some Dudes? I Do, I Do! [VIDEO]

We have some Captain America videos for you on this fine, cold Thursday. I know the new movie’s called The Winter Soldier, but damn, I wouldn’t object to it being warm when it comes out. The first video, above, is a new Winter Soldier clip in which Black Widow does what Black Widow does. Below you’ll find a Captain America Honest Trailer and a featurette for the Winter Soldier along the lines of the Falcon and Black Widow ones we saw before.


Fans Do Cool Things

The Honest Trailer Team Turns Their Snark On Frozen and Catching Fire [VIDEO]

I don’t always agree with Honest Trailers—the way they describe Katniss in their Catching Fire vid (behind the cut) rubs me the wrong way, for example—but their take on Frozen is pretty much spot-on. Especially when it comes to “Let It Go.” It’s been over a week since I listened to that song, and now I’m going to be listening to it again on repeat for the next 48 hours. Thanks, guys. Screw you.


Consider the Following

Which Is Funnier, The Thor Honest Trailer Or The Dark World Blooper Reel?

Your call. Check out the bloopers down this way…


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Honest Trailer For Batman & Robin Reminds Us Why This Movie Killed The Batman Franchise [VIDEO]

For those of you who have had the traumatic experience of watching one of the campiest superhero films of all time, this Honest Trailer for Batman & Robin might be too real.

For those of you who haven’t, take a look and find out everything you need to know about why the Batman movie franchise died (only to be resurrected by the hand of Christopher Nolan, who made it not terrible).

As for the part about the director’s awkward closeups of Batman and Robin’s butts, I can only say one thing:

“Bat ass.”

(via LaughingSquid)


hold on to your butts

The Honest Trailer Folks Are Snarky About Jurassic Park 3D, Diminishing My Anticipation By Exactly Zero Percent [VIDEO]

I agree with what the Honest Trailer for the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park says about it being unnecessary. It is. And yet I do not care. If there’s a chance to see Jurassic Park on the big screen I’m going to take it, no matter how many dimensions it’s in.

And all the stuff about how the technology in the movie is hilariously outdated now is actually a positive. You have not known joy until you’ve been in a sold-out screening of people laughing at “It’s an interactive CD-ROM!,” not to mention cat-calling at Jeff Goldblum‘s shirtless, glistening torso and cheering when Lex goes into girl-hacker mode.

(via: /Film)

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It Belongs in a Museum!

Better Late Than Never: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Gets an Honest Trailer

I have to admit, I frequently find Honest Trailers to just be too nitpicky, but not in this case.

(via FilmDrunk.)

I Guess I Can't Argue With That

The Honest Trailer Folks Turn the Lens of Cold, Hard Truth on The Dark Knight Rises [VIDEO]

Boy oh boy, ScreenJunkies had fun with this one. And I had fun watching it, so it’s all nice and balanced. Why was Bruce just hanging out in public after he’d supposedly died? He’s not exactly a low-profile dude. I’m sure Christopher Nolan framed it so the paparazzi were just off to the side.

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