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Flash Drives

  1. Artsy “Empty Memory” Flash Drives Only Look Empty

    These super artsy USB flash drives called "Empty Memory" from designers Yoo-Kyung Shin and Hanhsi Chen are both beautiful pieces of tech art and a celebration of how far we've come with memory technology. Packing a respectable 4gb of space into the tiny region located just behind the plug, the rest of the drive is designed to draw attention to empty space with either transparent material or a sculptural cage. Remember when flash drives actually used to be that big? Crazy. It's a clever idea, though perhaps a bit extreme with a $75 per-drive price tag.

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  2. Angry Birds USB Flash Drives

    We like to keep you up-to-date with how Angry Birds is coming to every single platform imaginable, from legitimate operating systems like iOS, to Kinect, to cakes, to human beings. Now, if every single part of your life isn't yet plastered head-to-toe in Angry Birds paraphernalia, you can add these Angry Birds USB flash drives to your insane -- I mean, dedicated -- collection.

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  3. This Swiss Army Knife Has a 1 Terabyte USB Drive Alongside the Essentials

    If you thought Swiss Army Knives that just had flash drives in them were cool, have I ever got news for you: They're going to make a Swiss Army Knife that has a flash drive and the traditional pointy implements. You can now commence jumping up and down in celebration. What with the cloud being all hip, popular and easily accessable, physical storage is becoming more and more antiquated, but pointy things are always important, especially when accompanied by a 1 terabyte drive.

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  4. Swiss Army Flash Drives Sure Aren't Dull

    My favorite part of being in the Boy Scouts was having an excuse to carry around a knife and matches. If you ever had that thrill and want to get it back without upping the ante and getting a bowie knife or something, Swiss Army flash drives are just what you didn't know you needed. While they don't come with little scissors, or a corkscrew, these drives are shock-resistant and water-proof. According to Technabob, they come in sizes from 4GB to 128GB, single and double blade variety and run the gamut of prices from $39.99 USD for the smallest all the way up to $349.99 for the biggest. Although these flash drives are looking sharp (ha!), you'll notice that they aren't available in classic red. I can see how that might be preferable to a sticker that flat-out says "this doesn't actually have blades on it," but if I'm gonna shell out for Swiss Army gear, I prefer that it doesn't look like a limited-edition Easter version. The neon-ish colors should make them easier to find when you drop them in the garbage, or the shredder bin, whatever the office equivalent of a pile of dry leaves is.

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  5. NES USB Port with Cartridge Flash Drive is Hilariously Counterintuitive

    Instructables user Ed Lewis turned an old Nintendo Entertainment System into an external USB port and an NES game cartridge into an 8 gigabyte flash drive. The unit only features one USB port, to which the modified game cart connects. Anyone who has ever opened up an old NES cartridge knows that the internal makeup is simple, which is why Lewis was able to easily remove the game's board and replace it with a flash drive. He modified the actual console by cutting a hole in the middle of the cartridge connector big enough for the flash drive to fit into, then cut another hole at the back of the console for the USB cable. All in all, Lewis created a hilariously unportable, portable USB hub and flash drive.

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  6. Cardboard Flash Drives

    Russian design company Art. Lebedev has whipped up a concept that gives new meaning to temporary storage: 4-, 8-, and 16-GB USB flash drives made of cardboard. Scoop up your data, do what you will with it, and then just throw that (soon-to-be) dirt-cheap memory away. Thanks, Moore's Law!

    Soon the stick will be disposable. All the electronics fit in the cardboard separated modules. ... The stick will become even simpler support than at the time [of] floppy disks.
    (via Switched)

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