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This Swiss Army Knife Has a 1 Terabyte USB Drive Alongside the Essentials

If you thought Swiss Army Knives that just had flash drives in them were cool, have I ever got news for you: They’re going to make a Swiss Army Knife that has a flash drive and the traditional pointy implements. You can now commence jumping up and down in celebration. What with the cloud being all hip, popular and easily accessable, physical storage is becoming more and more antiquated, but pointy things are always important, especially when accompanied by a 1 terabyte drive.

Victorinox, the maker of the Swiss Army Knife, seem to have thought the process through quite thoroughly, too. The drive is to come with two separate bodies, for your flying convenience. One with all the fun bits, the other without. The knife is also to be available in a variety of sizes ranging from 64 GB all the way up to a terabyte monster, depending on your needs and how much money you have to throw around. On that front, Victorinox has yet to make any mention of the pricing. The knife isn’t set to be available until April 2012, so they have some time to ride the “wow, this is awesome” buzz before laying on the “wow, this is expensive” wet blanket. In any event, wow, this is awesome.

(via BGR)

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