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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Cassandra Cain


The Batfamily Reunited This Week, Except for One: Let’s Not Forget Batgirl Cassandra Cain

One of the more easily pointed to examples of sexism in the New 52 concerned which of the five characters to be called Robin and three characters to be called Batgirl made it to the new continuity. Editorial explained to fans that two Batgirls would be erased from the setting so the “most iconic” one, Barbara Gordon, could be returned to the costume, to make things simple for new readers. However, in the other Batcave locker room, all four of the male characters who had been Robin were brought over to the New 52, despite the new universe having a hard age limit of five years from the first appearance of Batman.

This week saw one of those women (spoiler for Batman #28) Stephanie Brown, the third Batgirl and fourth Robin, return to comics as the Spoiler in a sneak preview of the next story arc to engulf Gotham City and the Batman-related titles. And while I’m very excited to have her back, I worry about Cassandra Cain, the first person of color to join the Batfamily, who is now that last Batgirl sitting on the bench with the rest of the New 52′s abandoned heroes.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: An I Love NY Shirt Fit for a Whovian

The BBC wants to add a bunch of new shirts to its line of official Doctor Who merchandise, but is letting fans choose which ones make the cut. Vote here! (Titan Merchandise)


Power Grid

17 Kids Who Turned Out Alright

The idea that evil is in the blood is an old one. Not quite as old as blood, but probably about as old as the knife. There are many religious philosophers that have put the concept of Original Sin under this heading, as representing “hereditary” evil tendencies in humankind.

So here’s to the fictional characters who didn’t just have abusive childhoods but out right megalomaniacal parents, who in many cases were grooming them so they could later inherit a dominated world… and turned out pretty okay anyway.


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

What Superheroines Would Look Like In Comfy Pants

Previously, we put forth a challenge to our readers to illustrate what Batman would look like fighting in stilettos to juxtapose the norm that is superheroines constantly being drawn wearing (or actresses forced to perform in) high heels to fight crime. One of our readers, Joanna (@super_widget) talked about how superheroes are constantly being drawn by fans outside their usual costumes, i.e. steampunk, Rule 63, etc. But it was when she wrote the phrase, “female super heroes in comfy pants” that we knew we had our next challenge. We left it pretty open this time, they didn’t have to be fighting, just wearing any sort of comfortable trousers. Above is Sarah Levine’s (@morphmaker) illustration of Batwoman Kate Kane in not just comfy pants but her famous pink bunny slippers. Hit the jump for seven more fantastic images!


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Wonder Woman, Renaissance Woman

We always knew she was a classic! Hahaaaaaa … I’ll be here all week. This is just one of a Raphael-inspired Photoshop contest run by Freaking News. (via Blastr)


Great Hera!

A Batgirl Returns, in Batman Inc. #6

For almost nine months now, I’ve had a couple of strict rules regarding my consumption of Batman comics. Before instituting them I simply consumed every title that I thought would keep me abreast of current Batman continuity, but when it was announced that there were going to be two Batmans, I found myself so simultaneously disgusted and apathetic about the state of said continuity that I had to implement some drastic measures.

Thenceforth, I would read Batman comics only if they featured a Batman who was actually Bruce Wayne and if they were not written by Grant Morrison. Truthfully, the former rule has been difficult to maintain, since I always forget which comics actually feature Bruce and not Dick Grayson these days. The Dark Knight? Bruce. Batman? That’s Dick Grayson. Detective Comics? Dick. Streets of Gotham? Bruce… I think. Batman and Robin? Dick. Batman, Inc.? Well, that’s written by Grant Morrison, so I don’t have to worry about that one.

But this week, I picked up a copy of Batman Inc. #6. Touché, Mr. Morrison. You knew exactly how to get me back on board, at least for one issue: You brought Cassandra Cain back.