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  1. This Autotuned Super Bowl Superfan Supercut Proves Folks Sure Do Like Sports [Video]

    We here at Geekosystem aren't what you'd call major sports fans. Well, except Ian, but he's the odd man out. Even so, we're more than willing to watch the Super Bowl when the time comes, and we get that people get really invested in their teams. Jimmy Fallon seems to understand this as well. He asked his viewers to submit videos of themselves in their team gear, talking about why they're fans, and saying "woo" at least once. Well, Fallon then had the people behind Auto-Tune the News make it into a music video, and it's glorious.

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  2. Finally: "Reality Hits You Hard, Bro" Gets Auto-Tuned [Video]

    Remember that "Reality Hits You Hard, Bro" guy? Well, he's back. In auto-tune form. (via Jalopnik)

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  3. The Oscars, but Autotuned [Video]

    This year, the Oscars weren't, to coin a phrase that is due for a revival, all that and a bag of chips. They are, however, way more fun when autotuned. Also, there are some abs on display at the end to make us feel a little inadequate as we eat our unhealthy morning snack.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  4. World of Warcraft Red Shirt Guy Gets Auto-Tuned

    The Internet hero known as Red Shirt Guy schooled the creators of World of Warcraft with an obscure continuity question at this year's BlizzCon, shut down his online haters with a ballsy YouTube response video, and attained in-game immortality when Blizzard created an NPC in his honor named "Wildhammer Fact Checker." Now, he's been Auto-Tuned, and the result is surprisingly catchy. (via Topless Robot)

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  5. The Best Video of Nineteen Animal Species Auto-Tuned to Play a Song You’ll See Today

    The Internet Animal Orchestra, a brilliant video compilation painstakingly assembled by RatherGood, screaming monkeys, rabbits, snapping shrimp, a dog that screams 'elm,' a woodpecker, a cow, turtles and tortoises, a bald eagle, an echolocating bat, a boxer dog, an elephant, a husky that says 'I love you,' a Sumatran tiger cub, a sheep, a goat, a rooster, a humpback whale and her calf, a piano-playing pig, several owls and miscellaneous dogs join voices and noisy appendages to bring you one glorious song.

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  6. What Happens When You Auto-Tune a Vuvuzela? Geekosystem Investigates

    A vuvuzela is a long, plastic horn that soccer fans blow into to produce a loud, irritating buzzing noise; they have inexplicably become the Internet's central obsession in the opening week of the 2010 World Cup. Auto-Tune is a pioneering pitch correction program by Antares Audio Technology, which you most likely associate with the robotic vocal stylings of T-Pain and other pop music icons. But you knew all that. What happens when you Auto-Tune a vuvuzela? And while we're at it, what happens when you coordinate several Auto-Tuned vuvuzela samples to play a few measures from Europe's anthemic 1986 hit, "The Final Countdown"? In the name of science, Geekosystem investigates:

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  7. NPR’s New Media Focus

    Radio is not the youngest of mediums, and in a time when everyone is trying to stay relevant in this lightning fast era of electronic mail, Dot Coms, and Virus Videos it can be difficult to keep on top of things. The following video show some of NPR's efforts to tap into the mysterious ever changing now.

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