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Allow us to explain.

I See What They Did There

Sir Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellen Are A Little Confused About This Whole Super Bowl Thing

I don’t know a lot about American football but I probably know less about the World Cup, or whatever. Talk to me about Quidditch and we’re cool. Anyway, Sirs Stewart and McKellan are having a bit of fun with the Super Bowl here. I approve.

(via SirPatStew on Twitter)

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  • Anonymous

    That’s what you get from a couple of limeys.

  • Anonymous

    If you speak American English, it’s just called football. This is nothing to get cutesy about. It’s Superbowl Weekend. This is serious stuff!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Knew I couldn’t trust McKellen.

  • Anonymous

    Go Hawks!

  • Anonymous

    I got no allegiances but…

  • TheChief

    Best bromance ever!

  • WheelchairNinja

    That’s awesome. They should do a follow-up where they’re dressed in Brazil and Germany jerseys, holding an American football in preparation for the World Cup.

  • Ashley-Michelle Arnold

    I just want to hang out with these two. I don’t care what sport we watch, if at all.

  • Ali Miller

    I love these gentlemen so much. So. Much. (Also, as a Denverite, it must be said: Team Gandalf!)

  • Anonymous

    That’s really the only reason I care at all, is they’re the home team (or close enough). I actually can’t stand watching sports for more than a couple minutes. But my entire family are all huge football fans, and Seattle is their team, so it’s rubbed off on me enough that I’d like to see them win. If for no other reasons than it would nice for them to get one superbowl win on their record, and erase the memory of their last appearance and having to play against the refs as well as the other team (I heard alllllll about that one).

  • KA

    Congrats on your team’s win, Capt. Picard!