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Steven Spielberg Swears That He’s Doing Jurassic Park 4 After All That Other Stuff Is Completed

Steven Spielberg is a busy guy, what with The Adventures of Tintin, War Horse, and the upcoming Lincoln on his plate. But he insists that despite this somewhat crammy schedule, we might still be making another trip back to Jurassic Park. Indeed, according to a new interview with Coming Soon, Jurassic Park 4 is “on schedule” for production and is definitely happening. No, really! It’s totally happening!

Ten years after the third Jurassic Park movie failed to impress the franchise’s faithful audience, Spielberg has promised a new movie with a better story (meaning, there’s a story this time), and now says it really is scheduled to start happening — just as soon as he finishes all this other stuff:

“I haven’t been active in the last year because I’ve been so busy obviously on ‘War Horse,’ ‘Tintin’ and now I’m currently shooting ‘Lincoln,’ but right now, it’s on the schedule to bring out another ‘Jurassic Park.’”

However, when asked about what this new story might entail, he provided the extremely exciting promise of “just another boring secret.” Great! He sounds really psyched about this one!

But seriously, he has been asked about what the next movie will be about, who will be in it, etc. and after acknowledging that the third movie was a bit, shall we say, lackluster, he seems way more optimistic about the story for the fourth movie. Though he would not provide details, he did confirm that the script was being written by Mark Protosevich. And that’s all we know.

But now we know it’s definitely on Spielberg’s to-do list … and that’s about it.

(Coming Soon via Digital Spy)

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  • Anonymous

    Oh please, lets have another movie where a monster is brought back to either New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas – oh let the suspense build!   or not.

  • Rebecca Hui

    NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Jurassic Park is pretty much my favorite movie and all of the sequels have been pure trash! DON’T DO IT, SPIELBERG!!! 

  • Anonymous

  • Emily Hill

    Damn it Steven don’t be like Don bluth and make sequel after sequel about dinosaurs where we wish they die already