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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

For A More Civilized Age

A Simple Wedding Band for a More Civilized Age

When we last saw Homer Liwag, he was making some very bold moves. Moves like giving your girlfriend a ring box with a tiny bag of sand in it, and telling her that Indiana Jones got there first, in order to stall for time as you designed and commissioned a beautiful Indiana Jones inspired engagement ring. The results of that gambit were something we were happy to post back in January.

But, generally, the engagement ring isn’t the last ring that’s involved in the whole getting married process, and so recently Homerliwag shared with us a link to his latest creation: a Star Wars themed wedding band that’s a little bit lightsaber, and a little bit Vader’s chestplate.

This time we don’t have a charming story to go along with it, so we have no idea if this is for his Indiana Jones loving girlfriend or himself, but either way Harrison Ford is peripherally involved and we’re in favor of that.

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  • kimmbot


  • Anonymous

    That might be his wedding ring..very awesome. I showed my bf the Indiana Jones ring story and told him he better step up lol

  • Adam Farley

    WANTS IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Homer Liwag

    It is my wedding ring!

  • Homer Liwag

    You can see all the design elements to this ring “animated” in this video teaser for my playing card design – also inspired by Star Wars!

    Video here:

  • Stephen Prescott

    Gorgeous ring but I don’t see the Darth Vader elements in it at all. Can someone help explain this to me?

  • Homer Liwag

    My design has no Vader and no Light Saber.  It’s inspired by 3 different entities of the Dark Side though… try to figure them out…

  • R john Tabb

    Darth Nihl’s belt, Darth Malgus’s chest piece, and……….I’m stumped

  • Anonymous

    Homer-how much would this ring cost me for a wedding band? It is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Can you please tell me how much this ring would cost?? My fiance is a HUGE Star Wars fan and I would love for him to have this ring as his wedding ring.

  • Karen Liveley

    I would love this, I’m getting married in Feb and would love this for my fiance! can you let me know how much this would be xx

  • Jackie

    Is this something that can be ordered? I have been looking everywhere for a star wars wedding band for my man! He would LOVE to have one and they just don’t exist! Would it be really expensive?