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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Season Finale

Holy everloving Headless Horseman with an automatic weapon, what a pair of episodes! And now we have to wait months for season two. Since I know some of our readers are on the fence about giving Sleepy Hollow a try, I just want to say this up front: The phrase “zombie George Washington” was uttered multiple times during this, the two-part season finale. So you might wanna catch up during the hiatus. Just sayin’. Join us.

We start off with a bit of comic relief in the form of Ichabod having some difficulty with voicemail and text messages but trucking through admirably well. Better than this guy, anyway. Abbie’s in a pretty cheerful mood—the apocalypse is coming, but hey, she’ll handle it, she’s ABBIE FREAKING MILLS—until THE CHOVERLORD Andy Brooks shows up to pull his “Abbie, please don’t get killed by Moloch, I love you!” routine again. Yeah, yeah. Everyone on this show loves Abbie, romantically or otherwise. Get in line, dude. He tells her that Ichabod is prophecized to deliver her soul to Moloch, which is something Ichabod already told her, gawd Andy. But before breaking out of the cuffs Abbie snapped him in and scuttling away into the tunnels he gives her some new info: Moloch wants Washington’s Bible because there’s something in it that points the way to a very important map.

Meanwhile Ichabod figures that out for himself by remembering a single word–Lazarus–that Washington dropped in one of their conversations. I’d call BS on Ichabod picking up on the worst clue ever if it were not already established that he’s Washington’s #1 fanboy. He called him “My dear General” in this scene and I did this. You know before he died he transcribed every single conversation the two of them had in a scrapbook filled with doodled hearts. The clue leads Ichabod to a secret Bible message, which tells Ichabod that after Washington died, warlocks—one of whom was Knapp, the priest the Headless Horseman killed at the beginning of the season—resurrected him so he could draw a map to purgatory.

I joked about zombie George Washington in last week’s recap, but I didn’t think it would actually happen! Granted, G-Wash got zombiefied only briefly in a flashback scene, and he didn’t even have a hankering for brains, but still. I’ll take what I can get.

Also, it was revealed in this episode that Ichabod used to date Betsy Ross. Who knew she had such good taste?

After Ichabod gets a bit pissy at Abbie about how he only has a crappy old flip phone—aw, he grows up so fast!—they share their intel on the map and Ichabod’s destined betrayal. Abbie’s open about the fact that the latter point is really bugging her, not because she doesn’t trust Ichabod, but because of her own issues stemming from childhood betrayal.

Someone’s going to give someone else up. I can feel it.

Ichabod, meanwhile, is all Yaaaaay, I can rescue my wife from Purgatory until Abbie reminds him that stopping the Apocalypse is really the priority here, OK? They go off to indulge in a bit of corpse robbing—turns out Knapp’s prayer beads were involved in the resurrection ritual, so if Henry the Sin-Eater can get his hands on them he might be able to figure out where the map is.

But soft! A quick Irving interlude! He’s not in this episode much (*sob*), but what he has is really good (in the dramatic sense, that is). Turns out the policemen in this show do actual police work, so when the cop and the priest from last episode got killed while guarding Macey they decided to look into it instead of being easily distracted as if they were on another supernatural drama. All the evidence points to Macey, but instead of trying to explain that his daughter was possessed by a demon when she snapped the priest’s neck (good call—that probably wouldn’t work) Irving confesses to the murders himself.

Season two. Jenny, you and Macey are teaming up to bust him out of prison, right?

In the graveyard Henry’s all ready to nom some tasty, tasty sins from Knapp’s prayer beads, but they’re guarded by a hex. Abbie floats the idea that maybe they should just let the map be—Washington wanted Ichabod to find it, sure, but things have gone down since then and Mr. President wasn’t exactly around to update the plan. Messing with Purgatory could cause the Apocalypse, not prevent it. But one of Moloch’s soldiers attacking Henry makes him and Ichabod even more determined to find the map and win the battle of good vs evil once and for all.

Using what brief flashes Henry was able to get from the beads Our Heroes determine that the map must be buried with Washington in a secret burial site on an island along the Hudson river. When they get there Ichabod uses his Masonic Tracking Skills (free with 12 cereal boxtops, plus shipping and handling) to find the secret tomb. Which, incidentally, is booby-trapped. That’ll be relevant later. They get the map, but their escape is blocked by none other than THE CHOVERLORD, who begged Moloch to turn him into a weapon after Abbie rejected his “You don’t really have to fight the Apocalypse!” offer.


Also, in Conversations That Are Way More Creepy In Retrospect, on the way to the tomb Abbie and Henry had a nice chat about the prophecy that Ichabod would betray Abbie’s soul to Moloch. It is a legit prophecy, Henry admits, but it’s from a rejected tesament, so it probably won’t even happen. Go to Purgatory! You’ll be fiiiiiine.

Henry sin-eats Bug  Monster Andy a little (that sounds wrong), and it’s enough to knock him for a loop and let his non-demon self come to the fore for a split second. He tells Abbie to destroy the map and begs her to release him, which she does with a poker to the brain. RIP, CHOVERLORD.

BUT WAIT. Andy being a disruptive little servant of evil has caused the opening to the tomb to collapse, but Ichabod uses his Secret Mason Knowledge to find what is essentially an ancient elevator. The poker to the brain wasn’t enough to kill Andy, so Abbie triggers the tomb’s booby traps, which causes the tomb to collapse around him. So… he’s trapped, not dead, right? He’s coming back? I need more Cho.

Back on the surface Abbie tells Ichabod what Andy said about destroying the map, and he agrees that it’s probably a good idea, so he lights it on fire. That makes Henry upset, because he’s awwwwwful gung-ho on the two Witnesses getting to Purgatory all of a sudden. Hmm.

Abbie promises Ichabod that even without the map they’ll find a way to free Katrina. That’s more true than she knows: Once Ichabod gets back to the cabin he uses his eidetic memory to redraw it. There’s a single manly tear sitch going on as he does it, as he’s effectively betrayed Abbie and the Apocalypse-fighting cause for the sake of rescuing his wife. But it all turns out well. HA HA, NO.

We begin the second episode with Henry having a dream in which Moloch summons the second Horseman to life. Also there’s an eclipse, because every super-dramatic quasi-Biblical climax needs one. Ichabod is also having a dramatic, plot-defining dream of his own… except nah. He actually just stumbles across American Revolution reenactors and is very confused for a second before he rolls with it and proceeds to buy the exact same outfit as the one he currently wears, except this one wasn’t worn by a corpse for 250 years. This is how you fanservice. Bless. Back in the cabin he tells Jenny (Jenny’s here, yaaaaaay) that he refuses to ditch his coat because he doesn’t want hipsters to have it. Except he calls them “artisanal marmalade connoisseurs,” but whatever. Same diff.

By deciphering Henry’s dream the anti-Apocalyspe crew figures out that Moloch plans to summon War, the second of the four Horseman, that very day. Oh, and this happens to be taking place exactly 13 years after Abbie and Jenny’s own Moloch encounter. War can be prevented from popping by for a visit by placing a binding spell on the patch of ground he’ll be coming from, but the only person who can cast that spell is a witch. And the only witch they know is trapped in Purgatory, which they can’t get to, ’cause Ichabod burned the map…

… and then redrew it.

“I saved the day. Admit it, Abbie. No one can resist my puppy dog eyes.”

Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry will follow the map and find the entry to Purgatory, while Jenny will stay behind and pore over Sheriff Corbin’s records to try and figure out what the hell Moloch was talking about when he taunted Ichabod about the “Saint’s name.” Those tapes, by the way, come courtesy of Irving, who thought to hook Abbie up them even though he was just arrested for murder. I am so regretting the lack of time I have to make a crappy Frank Irving sunglasses gif right now.

There’s a great emotional scene between the Mills sisters before Abbie sets off. Henry warns Abbie and Ichabod that Purgatory will try to trick them, and that if they eat or drink anything while they’re there they’ll have to stay FOR-EV-ER. You know, standard mythology stuff. Once they go through the gateway Ichabod and Abbie are separated immediately. Abbie finds herself chilling with Corbin and Andy, and Ichabod gets whisked away to his dad’s place in England. Both fantasies are engineered to trick their subjects into thinking they’re living the lives they always wanted before all this messy Apocalypse stuff started to go down. Abbie’s top of her class in Quantico. Ichabod, never having turned to the colonial side of the Revolution, is basking in fatherly approval. Both of them figure out what’s going on riiiiight before eating or drinking something.

And this episode’s Headless Horseman With an Automatic Weapon Award for Ultimate Ridiculousness goes to this delightful pair of shots:

I want to wallpaper my house in these. I want to marry them. I want Headless Corbin and Pez Dispenser Brooks to start a band.

Abbie and Ichabod find each other and confirm that they are who they say they are with their Epic Fistbump Of Friendship and Excellent Excellence. They get to the church and find Katrina, who seems remarkably unsurprised to see them, but whatever. She harshes their “We’re gonna get you out of here!” buzz by informing them that, sorry, a soul needs forgiveness to leave Purgatory. Didn’t  you know?

KATRINA. You couldn’t have told them that earlier? You knew Ichabod was trying to find a way to get you out! You need to work on your crypticness problem.

But there is one way Katrina can leave: If another soul stays behind in her place.

Ichabod and Abbie both offer to stay behind, but it’s Abbie who wins the fight. She doesn’t want to stay in Purgatory so Katrina can escape and Ichabod can be with his wife. She doesn’t even want to stay so Katrina can use her witchy magic to bind War. No. She wants to stay in Purgatory because that’s where Moloch is and she has unfinished business with that motherfrakker. So all that betrayal stuff was a red herring: The prophecy about one Witnesses “giving up ” the other’s soul to Purgatory is technically true, but it was done in such a way that Abbie made the choice herself, retaining both her agency and her ETERNAL AWESOMENESS.

Ichabod promises to come back and get her, and Katrina gives her a special medallion that’ll help her fight Moloch. After Ichabod and Katrina leave Purgatory Abbie has a bit of a tussle with Moloch, after which she runs away to regroup. She ends in trapped in a dollhouse—a specific one from Abbie and Jenny’s childhood, not just a random dollhouse that popped up in Purgatory’s foggy forests—with childhood versions of herself and her sister.

Jenny’s gonna be piiiiiiissed that her sister’s trapped. Speaking of Jenny, if you had any doubts, she and “stay behind” don’t go together at all. Upon hearing Corbin talk about a church in one of his tapes she goes off to investigate. While there she figures out the riddle of the “Saint’s name” right away. There are details, but what it all boils down to is that Henry’s on Moloch’s side. She’s on her way to tell Abbie, not knowing that her sister’s trapped in Purgatory, when the Headless Horseman shows up and causes her to wreck her car. And then just rides away without checking that she’s dead. Where’s your head, sir? Where’s your head?!

So, yes. Henry’s actually War, the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse. Ichabod and Katrina find that out when Katrina tries to bind War but discovers, whoops, his body’s not there anymore. Abbie finds out when young!Abbie explains to her that she and young!Jenny are actually memories taken from the two sisters after their first encounter with Moloch. See, Moloch didn’t just pop up from Purgatory for some Starbucks. That day in the forest was actually when War was being summoned, which is why Abbie was led there too. Only, being a kid and not even knowing she was a Witness, there was nothing she could do to stop it. Moloch taking their memories is why neither Abbie nor Jenny recognized Henry for who he really was.

A plot twist, but not a hugely surprising one. After all this talk about betrayal someone was gonna be evil. Henry was acting pretty off this whole episode, and it’s only a short jump from “Henry’s working for Moloch” to “Henry’s the second Horseman.” Man, and I’d heard there was going to be some insane twist in the last five minutes, too. I expected much mo—what’s that? HENRY IS ALSO ICHABOD AND KATRINA’S SON JEREMY?!

Turns out being buried by Katrina’s coven for over 200 years drove Jeremy loco bonkers, and when Moloch summoned him he was all too willing to help his new master out and become the Horseman, all so he could screw over the only two people he really had to direct his rage against: The parents who unwillingly abandoned him. He was the one who appeared to Katrina in Purgatory and told her about the Sin Eaters, which is what in turn caused Katrina to tell Abbie about them, which is how Abbie came to track Henry/Jeremy/War down. The Headless Horseman rides on up and gives Henry the second seal in exchange for—you guessed it—Katrina, whom Henry (her son) knocks unconscious with his super-magic and packs off to be with her ex-fiancé. Henry breaks the seal, effectively activating himself as War and bringing about the second stage of the Apocalypse. As for Ichabod, Henry buries him alive in the very grave Henry himself was trapped in for so many years.

This… wow. I thought that Henry would go bad. And I thought Jeremy would come back at some point. But I never thought they’d be the same person! So now Death is Katrina’s jilted lover and War is Katrina and Ichabod’s orphaned son. Who else did they piss off while they were alive? Could a waitress they forgot to tip one time be Pestilence? Is an aunt who didn’t get invited to the wedding Famine?

I kid, but this finale was good. Man, what a cliffhanger. Abbie’s trapped in Purgatory. Katrina’s been spirited away somewhere by Headless. Ichabod’s buried alive and presumably trapped by magic. If Irving’s not in jail now, he will be soon. Jenny will probably be OK after her car wreck (if she’s dead, so help me), but still, those aren’t good odds.



(Predictions: The Masons are coming back to provide a little deus ex machine assistance. Casting James Frain and then killing him off after only one episode was a little fishy.)

It’s been fun, friends. I’ll be back with more Sleepy Hollow recaps when the show returns in… whenever the show ends up returning. Thanks for reading!

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  • Tami “Cuppycake” Baribeau

    My husband and I almost died with laughter when “Zombie George Washington” was mentioned. Such a good episode.

  • Flitzy

    You probably weren’t serious – and I doubt it could ever be pulled off in a million years – but now that you mention it, I SO want to see the Masons come back all steampunkish-like because, well, just because!

    Seriously, though, this show is going to WRECK ME. I think the last fifteen minutes was the most nerve-racking fifteen minutes of a show ever – and WHY HENRY I TRUSTED YOU?!?

    I’m so saddened when I go on Tumblr and see the Katrina bashing too. I mean I know she hasn’t done much but my Ichabod/Katrina heart just wants them to be together so badly. T.T

  • Katy

    Loved this episode! Once again a great balance of funny/tender moments and spooky/action scenes. I honestly thought they were going to free Katrina because of Henry. He is after all a sin eater and Katrina could only be freed from purgatory if she was absolved, so Henry frees her by eating her sins. I WAS SO WRONG!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yeah, the Katrina bashing is sad. I feel a little bad for the actress, too—she’s supposed to be playing one of the leads and she’s had very little to do. Hopefully with Katrina being out of purgatory now she’ll have a meatier role.

  • Erin Treat

    Very good season finale. I had a ton of fun with this show this year. If I have one complaint it’s that I’m getting tired of Katrina being damsel in distressed constantly! She’s a witch ffs! They do such a great job with Abbie and Jenny so it’s glaring with her. Thrown over a horse by her jilted finace/probable rapist? Eew.

  • Lapin

    I didn’t see the Henry reveal coming, at all. Since the first two Horsemen are connected to Ichabod, will the other two be as well? (What if everyone Ichabod knows is a Horseman?!) I wonder if Ichabod will manage to talk Hen-Jeremy and Abraham out of working for evil incarnate, or if they’ll stick to being evil and have to die.

    I think Katrina’s poofy dress will be way more suspicious than Ichy’s coat (that bit about selling it to hipsters killed me) in this century, so I wonder if she’ll end up in modern clothes.

  • Flitzy

    I mean I get Ichabod and Abbie (though I love them as friends because can’t two main characters have a wonderful friendship without them being together anymore? :3) but sometimes some people are just SO harsh and, say what you will, but Katia is very good in the role. I hope that now that she’s out of Purgatory and not being tricked by Henry, her powers will manifest again in the second series. ^_^

  • Solveig Rørholt

    I think it’s exactly BECAUSE we have Abbie and Jenny and Masey that it is okay that Katrina is not in a position to be of much use and needs more assistance. On tumblr there was this whole thing about “write weak women, write strong women, write badass women, write women who cover in fear, etc.”, because all women are different. Had ALL the women been helpless and needing saving, it would be annoying, but when Katrina is only one women amongst others who have different characterizations, I find it okay to worry about Katrina’s safety and whether she will be saved or not (no matter by whom; for all we know Jenny or Abby will save her or help Crane), rather than shame her for not being as powerful as the other women.

  • Ian Osmond

    I ship Ichabod and Katrina partially because I DON’T want to see IchAbbie — I want them to be platonic friends. We don’t have enough truly close male-female non-romantic relationships on television.

    And also because, y’know, “married”. I think that’d be a kind of important thing to them all.

  • Crystal Savage

    Eh I’m not getting the whole “Abbie maintains her agency” as Bob Orci already stated that she sacrificed herself out of love for Ichabod and a sense of thwarting the prophecy. Which is ridiculously problematic. No Abbie’s story has veered right off into the magical negro saves the white couple with no thought of her own wants and needs. I can’t get over how disappointing this finale was.

  • SJ

    This show is so ridiculous/amazing – looking forward to Season 2! Though I was hoping for more Irving scenes. And Jenny.

    That third screencap of Ichabod looks very Jesusy. I thought it was photoshopped for a moment.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see IchAbbie because while yes, we don’t have enough male-female platonic relationships on television, we also don’t have much in the way of genre shows where there’s a black female lead who hooks up with the smokin’ hot white male lead.

    Also, I know Ichabod loves Katrina because he says he does. I know he’s close to Abbie because he shows that he does. Mostly this is on the writers, not the actors, and setting up the Ichabod/Abbie relationship as developing over the course of the season, vs. Ichabod/Katrina being Love At First Sight. And it doesn’t hurt that Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have major chemistry.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure how you can get Abbie as the Magical Negro out of that. She knew damn well what she wanted, which was to kick Moloch’s ass and get some payback for the way he basically destroyed her life.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent usage of gifs, ma’am!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    What. That’s. Dammit, Orci. I reject his canon and substitute my own. Do you have a link to exactly what he said, by any chance?

  • Ian Osmond

    I get that. There’s got to be some way eat one’s cake and have it, too, though. Yes, a romantic relationship between two equals who are black and white, and who DO have that kind of chemistry — yeah, I see that.

    Which is more important? Um, yay intersectionality? A black/white romance on network teevee would be a good message from a racism point of view; a non-romantic close male/female relationship with be a good message from a feminist point of view. Either one would kind of make the world a better place.

    Still, my vote is for “platonic” because, well, I like their relationship platonic. No reason other than personal taste.

  • Anonymous

    I get Ichabod’s love for Katrina. He admires her — almost in awe of her. She’s brave, she’s intelligent, and she stands up for her beliefs. She had the courage to refuse an engagement she knew she wouldn’t be able to honour in her heart. She had a life outside of Ichabod, as a witch, even though we don’t get to see much of it. She was resourceful enough to rescue her husband (in a way) and had the network to survive being a pregnant woman basically on her own and eventually giving birth among allies. She’s spent two hundred years in Purgatory! I wasn’t crazy about Katrina at first, but I actually really like her now.

    I enjoy the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod, but man, am I ready for TV romantic relationships to be more than chemistry and sparks.

    I think lots of men and women who have chemistry, but have reasons to be in other romantic relationships and instead remain incredibly good friends, happen all the time.

    Also, in response to whether a romantic relationship or a friendship between Abbie and Ichabod is a “win” for sexism or racism, can’t it be either and both? A black woman and a white man not only having a very close friendship but being great partners is a pretty good message. Yes, I understand it can be interpreted as continuing romantic segregation of black women, but I don’t really like the idea that romance is the “ultimate” win every time. Abbie already has a connection with Ichabod that is unique. Just because it isn’t romantic doesn’t mean it’s anything less.

  • Anonymous

    True. But I think I feel bad for Katrina. We’ve been waiting for her to be rescued, and her story, for now, looks the same. My personal annoyance is just being frustrated that her story is a bit of a flatline, and honestly, it’s taken an even darker turn now that she’s in Abraham’s clutches.

    Also, with Abbie and Jennifer being total badasses most of the time, there’s definitely room for everyone to be in distress sometimes, and sometimes the un-distresser (…). It looks like Abbie *could* fight her way out, but I doubt even the most badass male soldier could in her situation. She’ll need rescuing … probably by Jenny!

  • Anonymous

    Totally. I loved how Abbie recognized the dilemma wasn’t Ichabod’s story, but hers. She has way more history with Moloch than he does — his real conflict is more with Abraham.

  • Melynda

    I’m gonna miss this show while it’s away. Easily the best show of the season with such fantastic female characters except Katrina. Ah, Katrina. I figured out the Henry is Jeremy thing when he yelled at Ichabod for burning the map and how keen he seemed to be about getting Katrina back. And he got all up in her face when they got back from Purgatory. He is bonks though, so I’m looking forward to that next season.
    Is it me or did Abbie seem kind of grumpy every time Ichabod mentioned getting Katrina back? I know she wanted him to focus and he did need to be reined in a few times but she still seemed pretty grumpy. I didn’t like it.

  • Melynda

    Maybe the other two will be connected to Abbie somehow? Each Witness gets two Horsemen. And free trips to Purgatory.

  • Solveig Rørholt

    Yes, that was kind of annoying. They get out, we see Katrina express new, surprised emotions, and then she gets taken again. I sure hope she will stay in the modern world after all is over; her reaction to “cool” was hilarious enough, since for once we saw her out of her cryptic element and being confused about something; I always enjoy watching people who are experienced and put-together in their own element suddenly get thrown into a new one.

    My current thoughtless theory for season 2 is that Jenny actually died, but because of her past/guilt/whatever, she ends up in Purgatory where she finds Abby, updates her on Jeremy and as well as being updated on the presence of their younger selves. Then, they manage to get out, help Ichabod out from the grave and they stop the apocalypse for a time. Somehow, they manage to push the two deaths from Irving to Henry instead, and that Irving had to confess because Henry had threatened his family or something. Then more hilarious adventures ensues, this time with Katrina there as well to add in a little witchcraft to fight the Apocalypse.

  • Anonymous

    “Then more hilarious adventures ensues, this time with Katrina there as well to add in a little witchcraft to fight the Apocalypse.”

    I would sooooo love if Katrina just became part of the team instead of continuing to be a goal for Ichabod or becoming a Jealous Wife.

    I can picture Abbie and Ichabod facing some monster of the week, turning briefly to raise eyebrows at each other, and saying in unison, “Did we mention we have A WITCH?”

  • Solveig Rørholt

    “Did we mention we have A WITCH?”
    And then there will be moments where Katrina will explain how she will use her magic in a complex way before Abby or Jenny just say “Hey: Modern world, we can do that just by pushing a button.” And she will initially be disappointed and disrupted that she might not be as cool and cryptic anymore, but then get sucked into it like Ichabod did. :P
    And often Katrina will try to speak cryptic again out of habit, but then the camera turns to Abby who just looks bewildered and summarizes what she said in a simpler way. “Kat, the point with Alias is to help the other guess the word as SIMPLE and FAST as possible.” “…Miss Abigail, I would prefer it if you would kindly refer to me with my full namesake.” And Katrina will be just as confused as Ichabod about these modern things, but where Ichabod pretends he can do just fine, she will pretend that everrrrrything is just like she foresaw years ago, except not really.

    I don’t know what I’m thinking. Again, I love fish out of water stories, and I look forward to see someone like Katrina, who had everything planned out to a degree and knows more about the supernatural than Abby and Ichabod, be confused and lost in the modern world.

    I doubt she will become a jealous wife. First, Ichabod has shown such devotion to her the times they have been united, and they seemed to be in love. If anything, I think, and kind of hope, Abby and Katrina will bond quickly since, more than Abby and Ichabod, they truly show how things have changed for women. I imagine Abby at some point trying to get Katrina to try on pants, but no matter how progressive Katrina was and wished for things to be in her time, that is just too far for her. Not that I want her to be the stereotypical chastity woman who scorns at everything improper for her, but more that, while she respects and appreciates several changes in the modern world, she simply prefers dresses, just like how Ichabod simply prefers clothes he grew up with. That way we also don’t go around shaming women who wear skirts for daring to be feminine but still have agency and characters (“Real Women Don’t Wear Skirt” trope), but we have some more funny moments with clothes.

    Oh, and I want a scene where Ichabod proudly explains some modern technology for Katrina, who sucks it all in, while Abby just looks doubtfully or amused at them because Ichabod is being either wrong, or has misunderstood and taken it out of context.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Rebecca, you have a problem. Your addiction to gifs is out of control. We all love you and just want you to get better. This is an intervention.

  • Anonymous

    Since the episode when we learn Ichabod had a son, an episode which happened to feature Henry giving many clues along the way, I thought it would eventually be revealed that Henry was a descendant of such son, with the powers and everything. Nice reveal, then.

    If I had to guess, I’d say it’s more likely the last two Horsemen are connected to Abbie instead. Isn’t her mother showing up in season 2? It could always be a corrupted Corbin as well.

  • Camille Monae

    He did say he only had seven friends and four died….

  • Crystal Savage

    Forgive me I am only just now seeing this because I replied to an article on hair care today.but here is a link if you haven’t seen it already.

    “Instead of Ichabod betraying Abbie to Moloch as the prophecy said, she made the decision to stay in Purgatory. How important was that distinction?
    Orci: Abbie deciding to go to Purgatory instead of Crane betraying her is both a gesture of love on her part and also a self-protective one. She doesn’t want to give Crane the opportunity to betray her. That’s horrible. It’s like, “I break up with you before you break up with me.” [Laughs] There’s an element of love and self-protection and an element of the decision getting postponed down the road, in a sense. As Henry said, “Prophecies have a nasty habit of coming true.” Just because she’s gotten out of this doesn’t mean that a betrayal is not still hanging over their heads.”

  • Crystal Savage

    The trope of the magical negro does not require said negro to have magical powers. Only that they lovingly sacrifice themselves for the white people which is EXACTLY what Abbie did. This whole bit about Abbie maintaining her agency is just some flim-flam shenanigans the producers are selling to pull the wool over folks eyes. Your inability to see it for what it is doesn’t make it any less true.

    As for the rest; how pray tell was Abbie supposed to kick Moloch’s ass when a 200 year old witch (katrina) could not? Where in the narrative was Abbie ever characterized as gunning for Moloch? That came out of nowhere. Abbie had no real reason to get in a fight with Moloch when she knew absolutely nothing about his powers or weakness and she went in there without a single weapon. There was no way that she could do a thing to stop Moloch or even hamper him in a minor way. She literally wasted her life doing that. Can you not see how that was not only OOC for Abbie but also a wasted point of action? When you have a character jump the shark for a plot point you’re specifically removing their agency and completely screwing it up?

  • Crystal Savage

    The dilemma absolutely was Ichabod’s. it was his wife and his son. All of it was on him, the one to stay behind should have been him. Instead we have Abbie offering herself up as a sacrificial lamb for Moloch.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that’s kind of lame and disappointing. Thanks for sharing the link.

  • Anonymous

    Three months later, I still don’t see it. That’s not my “inability to see it for what it is,” as you rather condescendingly put it–it’s that I don’t agree with your interpretation.

    Moloch took everything from Abbie once, and now he’s threatening to do so again. As we’ve seen pretty dramatically, Abbie’s greatest regret is when she failed to act in support of Jenny, and her current MO is to do something, anything rather than sit around and wait. It read as perfectly in character for her based on what we’ve seen so far.

    Contrast that with Albert Bernard, who WAS a true Magical Negro. The sole reason for his existence in the story and his sacrifice was to further Crane’s personal growth. I don’t see how you can apply that to Abbie–especially since the point of the Magical Negro is that they either die outright or are shunted off to the side after performing their function of enlightening the white protagonist. Now, if Abbie is actually killed off in the first episode of next season, I’ll certainly grant you “flim-flam shenanigans”, and I will be royally pissed at the producers and shownrunners. Since they haven’t shown any indication that they’re likely to go in that directions at this point, I’m willing to see where it goes before getting mad.