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Oh Hollywood

Your Sixth Sense Was Right: It Turns Out M. Night Shyamalan Lied About Ghost Writing She’s All That

It seemed that the twist in this story came early, when writer and director M. Night Shyamalan claimed in an interview with that he ghost-wrote She’s All That, the 1999 romantic comedy starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook.  If that news wan’t bizarre enough, it turns out that there may be a contender for writing credit for the film.  In fact, it seems that the twist is that Shyamalan didn’t write the movie, and felt the need to claim he did anyway.

In the interview with, Shyamalan started by saying,

“By the way, I ghost-wrote a movie that same year [as The Sixth Sense and Stuart Little] that would even add to the breadth of it all, but I don’t know if I want to tell you which movie I ghost-wrote. [Laughs]“

before admitting that,

“I ghost-wrote the movie She’s All That. [Laughs]“

Upon hearing about Shyamalan’s claim from a friend on Twitter, the credited screenwriter, R. Lee Fleming Jr., responded

“@jxmitchell @nicolarz Only in his mind, James.”

While Shyamalan does have a more diverse filmography than his reputation for suspenseful thrillers suggests (Finding out he wrote Stuart Little is second only to realizing Hugh Laurie was in it), I’m inclined to believe Fleming, the credited screenwriter.  After all, Fleming has worked on several other romantic comedy projects, in film and on television, including One Tree Hill and the 2001 romantic comedy Get Over It.  Shyamalan may have worked on some unusual projects, but I doubt someone felt so strongly that he was the only one who could sell the twist that Cook is pretty under her glasses that he had to be involved.

The most shocking part of this information, however, is probably that there’s a debate as to who wrote a fourteen year old teen comedy in the first place.  Plus, Shyamalan did make this statement in an interview about his new Will Smith movie After Earth, so it is entirely possible that the claim is all in the name of buzz.  I just hope he didn’t lie about writing The Last Airbender, I need to know where to direct my disappointment.

(via The Daily, imdb, image from She’s All That)

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  • Anonymous

    In the M Night Shyamalan movie adaptation, the ghost writer is an actual ghost.

  • Jim

    What a twist!

  • Jim
  • James Fletcher

    One of these days someone need to do a behind the scenes documentary for the Last Airbender movie about how it went so terribly wrong. Probably me more enjoyable than watching the actual movie.

  • Anonymous

    Robot Chicken FTW!

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Maybe he was script doctor or something like that, someone that was on before the credited writer, or someone the studio brought on to touch it up. Either way, I’m not sure if it’s a credit to him…or against him.

  • Egrayne Cinder

    Have you seen the Rifftrax of it? They make it pretty hilarious:

  • aggieagatha

    M Night Shyamalan is like the David Blaine of Cinema.

  • James Fletcher

    Not yet, I haven’t worked up the courage to watch it yet.

  • Anonymous

    Of all the movies you can take fake credit for, why pick an admittedly even lousier one that your own movies?

  • Hasdi Bravo

    Thanks for the clarification. FYI to others, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that this comment IS from the real Jack Lechner in this article.

  • Egrayne Cinder

    You should! It’s hysterical. Totally recommend :)