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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And That's Terrible

Truth: Sherlock Would Be The Worst Person To Watch TV With [VIDEO]

Leigh Lahav has assured us, there are “absolutely no spoilers for Sherlock S3!” in this video. However, there will be spoilers for shows like Breaking Bad (S4), Mad Men (S6), and Gossip Girl. Proceed as you may…

And this should go without saying but please do not post Sherlock Season 3 spoilers here, the US doesn’t get the premiere until January 19th.

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  • Allison Hoekwater

    The ending wins all the [Tumbler] Oscars!

  • Anonymous

    LOL The ending was unexpected, but hilarious.

  • AnnaB

    She should feed us more crack fic like this one.