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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Once More With Feeling

The First Image Of Quvenzhané Wallis As Annie Is Here!

At least I think it’s the first. Either way, I’m excited to finally see Quvenzhané Wallis done up in her Annie costume along with Jamie Foxx (who we just saw in the first Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer earlier today), Cameron Diaz and Rose Byrne.

(via /Film)

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  • Anonymous

    Not really a fan of the story of Annie in general, but I might go see it just to support the choice of Quvenzhané Wallis in the lead.

  • Janna

    I have somehow never seen Annie, but this looks darling.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still not sold on Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan. Rose Byrne looks great.

  • Anonymous

    If nothing else this has a stellar cast.

  • Laura Truxillo

    She’s so freaking cute I can’t even stand it! Can’t wait to see her in action.

  • Anonymous

    I *love* Annie. It was the first musical I saw live, and it had Anthony Warlow as Warbucks and I loved all the songs and Sandy is just great and seriously, I just love it.

    So, even though it was probably pretty racist of me, I was pretty sceptical of the racebending element of this adaptation. It’s set in the 1930′s, guys! There’s no way Daddy Warbucks could have been anything but white! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

    But now I see the photo, and see it looks like it’s been reimagined in a modern context… OH MY GOD I AM REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS.

    Then again, there was no way it was going to be worse than the 1982 movie.

  • Anonymous

    She looks adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s clear something up. While black millionaires were few and far
    between at the beginning of the 20th century, they did exist in the US.
    You are unconsciously making an assumption that erases that the first
    female self-made millionaire in the US was a black woman, Sarah
    Breedlove (Madame C.J. Walker), and her daughter A’Lelia became heiress
    to her fortune. Her daughter lived until 1931.

    Robert Abbott: editor of the Chicago Defender. Would have died in the 40s.

    Maggie Lena Walker: first US woman to charter a bank was a black woman. Died in the 30s.

    Just three examples for your consideration.

  • Anonymous

    Cool! Thanks for the info – I never knew that! (Being Australian probably didn’t help my cause there.) Will bookmark this for later Wikipedia-ing. Thanks again!

    (So basically, I was being *totally* racist? Bugger.)

  • Anonymous

    4 actors in the shot. Not one with a solid professional singing experience. Yep. Stellar cast indeed. Now if they could stop with the A-listers and celebrities in musicals and cast people who actually know what they’re doing for a change…

  • Anonymous

    Cool story.

  • Janna

    Tim Curry’s in it??? I didn’t know that, and the film now has 95% more appeal to me.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha! No you weren’t being totally racist. You were open to new information and really positive about that.

    What’d be totally racist is assuming they didn’t exist despite what I wrote to fit a worldview that was more comfortable to you if they remained erased. I’m happy I responded to your initial post. You’re totally awesome.

  • Anna Partrick

    My Annie will always be the 1999 TV film with Kathy Bates as Miss Hannigan, Alan Cumming as Rooster, Kristen Chenoweth as Lily St. Regis, Victor Garber as Oliver Warbucks, Audra McDonald as Grace and Alicia Morton as Annie.

    I cannot STAND the 80s film with that annoying kid and Carole Burnett! Also, anything with Audra in it and I’m there…..except that god-awful new Sound of Music movie. Am avoiding that like the plague, along with this ‘modernized’ Annie. Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan? Don’t make me throw you out on your ass Hollywood! :p

  • aggieagatha

    <3 I love Annie, Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx! What's not to love!